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Sufi Prayer: Self Love, Inner God & Rumi

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Alex Dudgon
Inner Peace, Wisdom & Empowerment Coach
This is a prayer from Sufi practices. Sufism is the phenomena of mysticism within Islam or the inward dimension of Islam. I was taught it by a wise elder recently and it resonated with me so much I had it printed and created this track for it. I also share 3 quotes from Rumi, perhaps the most famous Sufi. I hope you love this prayer and it brings you joy. I am not a Sufi but I have a deep respect for many different spiritual practices and beliefs which I try to incorporate into my life and teachings.
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Honor kneel love worship
I moved the words to remember and visualize falling into prayer. It is a splendid gift of a prayer and Rumi quotes enduring.
Prayer is for me a necessary space I go to formally but never in a rote way and joyfully spontaneously offer to pray out loud to start a meeting or close. These more silent solo spaces with god quiet me. Prayer in a way condenses my thinking concentration distilling renewing nourishing returning connecting laying my heart down I like the image of “kneeling to myself” like I am facing a twin of me