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Strengthen your Mind - Affirmations

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When you’re going through a particularly challenging time and nothing seems to be working, you can choose to strengthen the resilience of your own mind and create a safe harbor for yourself by using these strengthening affirmations. ~My mind is strong enough to handle this…and getting stronger all the time ~I am resilient brave and strong… ~I’m am not alone there’s so much love and support surrounding me… ~I am always doing my best and my best is always good enough… ~As long as I listen within I’ll find my way… You can repeat these resilience affirmations throughout the day, silently or out loud and you can write them in your journal to boost feelings of strength and resilience.
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I can get through this
I was reminded that I can call on past challenges that I overcame to help me with present difficulties. I felt validated that I’m always doing my best and that my best is always good enough. I was reminded that I’m resilient, brave, and strong. That I have so much love and support around me. My mind is strong enough to get through this. And I’m getting stronger all the time. I can do this!
Getting through challenging times
1. Remember past times you got through challenges 2. Remind yourself that you are strong. You are brave. You are resilient. 3. Remind yourself you are not alone. 4. Remind yourself you are doing the best you can and your best is goid enough. 5. Know that you are using all the information you have and skills you have to date and that you can have a stronger mind if you seek more information and additional skills. 6. Know that you are loved.
Reminding us that we are stronger than we think and that we can trust to continue growing is resilience and strength, this is so important when we usually tend to be victim or suffer while going through big sufferings in life.