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Stretching and Breath Meditation

35 Min
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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
Starting with some gentle stretches, this meditation encourages us to open up to sensations in the body in a non-judgemental way, whilst also noticing any tendency of our mind to strive or push ourselves in ways that are unhelpful. The second part of the practice consists of a sitting meditation with attention on the breath and body. The recording closely follows the format for the practice as it’s taught on Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy courses, and it can be considered as a foundational mindfulness practice, suitable for beginners or experienced meditators alike.
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3 reflections
Opening up
I learned that it felt good to stretch. I had to sit out of shape
Walter J
Doing something new with this meditation. 35 min long of really tuning into every little sensation of the body while doing very light stretching and sitting. Very breath focused and refocus & refocusing again while noting where in the body I felt anything. Very different/difficult because I had to just let go and try to not do anything ... which was at first hard for an anxious over-achiever. Then as I tuned into every little movement & sensation it was easier. For example while raising my arms slowly then letting them down, I felt little electric ‘hairs’ dancing on my shoulders?! Not one of my favorites, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right? Certainly helped work on my focusing on the breath to stay in the Now. ❤️☮️🍀
I need to also stretch before bed
These audios help me start my mornings so much better by helping get rid of any anxiety for the day and also stretch before any workouts
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