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Strength in Unity

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's so easy to think we do better alone, but so often we need the help of another, who can do something we can't.....and then we can help them in return. We are so much stronger working together!
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Strength in Unity
I noticed that the story reminded me that I can join with others to bring about change. I will call back that person from someone’s campaign and get involved with this movement to help our country get back to being a welcoming and safe place for refugees.
There is strength in unity... A beautiful and inspiring sentiment that I desperately wish more people in my country (United States) we’re open to. Not only is there strength, there’s beauty, inspiration, joy... so much is achieved by unifying different types of people and much is lost when we fail to do so
A good reminder of the importance of working together. “If we all just band together we can achieve really great things with unity.” ♥️🙏♥️
The dove king
I herd 2 things in this. The working together part and also how the dove king had the mouse help everyone before him. Because they all carried the net. No one was king when they all were helping each other. Being a person a worker among workers, a friend among friends.
Strength in unity
Unity is great...
But as this story (which I swear I've listened to before, though I see no reflection left!) shows, sometimes outsourcing a task to a more specialized individual is MUCH more effective! I'm having to attack this very thing in this new version of my business right now! In the past, I've kept accounts with Trade-only printers and other outsource vendors to supply goods to my clients. Now that I'm seriously attempting to run my own business once again, I need to check in with all my old vendors and make certain that I'm still free to use their services for my client's needs!
Strength in Numbers
Cute uplifting story about the importance of unity. As a community if all of us pull together to help one another out we can achieve great things.
I learned that being a part of a ten and pulling your weight can accomplish great things. With all the things going on in the world right now, it is very stressful for me, especially because I am still trying to complete my degree. This story helped me realized if I get discouraged along my journey, I won’t accomplish anything.
Juliana Oppenheimer
Sticking together
I used to just feel depressed and overwhelmed and freeze and do nothing. I have been very active with some organizations since the beginning of the pandemic. We are making a difference. I figuratively and literally sleep better now.
A story to remind me to keep working on my important part and as a good team, it gets done
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