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Story Of The Four Wives

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This story teaches us about priorities and life.
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11 reflections
I learned that the 4 Woge is our WestLB when we die ist is Passes on The 3 Woge is our Body and we shoulder Love and appeeciage it The 2 Woge are our Friends and Family they go with is to the Grave the 1 Woge is our Soul because ist Follower usbwjereajeebwebfo go
I could not grasp this story, even after it was explained at the finish. Maybe it’s just beyond me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This was the first time I heard one of these stories. I absolutely loved it. And I am now going to do a meditation to connect with with my soul. I hope I get more of these stories. Awesome. Thank you so much. Xxx
The Four Wives
I recognized that I don't invest enough in my soul's happiness and goals now. I was unbalanced with my focus on it for many years, and I made other things too important after attaining the progress that I was looking for. It's a part of us that needs daily care.
Soul comfort
I never think about my soul being with me all the time. Every moment good or bad it’s there so I may call upon it for guidance and comfort. Instead I struggle to deal with stress and anxiety or pain. I will remember that I’m never alone when life gets tough, and to look within to my soul for the answers. 🙏 Namaste
In the end...
In the end, my soul is the only thing that I own and that will be with me forever. I need to be kinder to it. I need to listen to my intuition and allow it to guide me. Love myself for who I am and be the best me I can be.
Pay attention
I guess the moral of the story is that I (we) must pay close attention to my mind, body and soul to assure that I am one with the Higher Power (my God). When my time comes, I want there to be a genuine trueness to the life that I have lived. 🙏
The time to love your soul is NOW
We often neglect our souls in our pursuit of wealth; the perfect body; trying to please friends and loved ones; and all manner of hedonism. But none of those things comes with us when we pass. Only our souls do.
I felt nervous I thought it would be a creepy story I don’t know why.
I learned that we have to take better care of our souls. That in the end our souls are the only thing we have for ever as they are the only thing that will follow us to heaven.
All this story did was make me nervous about death... i wanted to sleep. I loved it but i didn’t want to think about dying when i already can’t sleep
Grief—mustard seed story
Rather thuan going from neighbor to neighbor, I stormed God’s doors. My father’s God, my mother’s God, my Grandfather’s...and tried to pay attention to Buddhist teachings... I converted to Judaism. I was, in effect, trying to get the help I should have gotten from my neighbors—from the Unknowable. Trying to take a shortcut around the depression & isolation that characterizes my grief by ignoring the hands of neighbors, of friends. Theirs are the hands of God in this world.
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