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Story Follows State

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
In this talk, we expand upon the CBT model to include the somatic understanding of how our state of being influences our thoughts. Then explore how to practice shifting state, as a more direct way to shift thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
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well, this actually makes PERFECT sense. i'll try to be more aware of my reactions and responses
Overwhelming Truth
I loved how such a complex chain of psychology was articulated so brilliantly in very simple and clear terms. I probably had some form of inkling (aren’t we human after all?) of something of the sort. But to have the idea of “Story follows State” laid out so clearly has really made me happy at the end of my day. I need more coaching and help with my state. I have not been myself in a long while now, and I feel i’m starting to miss out on life and opportunities because of it. Over the last few days I have started my first meditations and practice, and I’ve listened to this and other short lectures on CBT, and feel that the collective will help me get through this period. But not just - I want to keep going and make this part of my lifestyle.