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Stop Worrying and Take Action

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We are all very good at worrying, but it tends to be a futile process because we often go round and round in circles and never come to a helpful conclusion. In this session, you'll learn how to step out of worry, how to move into problem-solving, and how to take action so that you can let go of worry.
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10 reflections
Followed the instruction in the lesson, but writing down my problems just reminded me that I've already taken all the steps I can think of to rectify the issues. I'm simply waiting now...waiting for upcoming appointments, waiting for test results, and mostly waiting for others to follow through on actions I've implemented already! None of this really alleviates how stressed out I feel while waiting. It just reminds me that I've exhausted the options I've been able to implement so far, and that others are either bad at their jobs or that they're too busy to get to my issues. Now I need to simply learn to cope with the waiting! Wish there were an Aura lesson go that!
Nice exercise to curb worrying
This exercise is good to help ease worrying. I like breaking down the thing I am worried about and making a plan to elevate it. The hard part is taking that first step to put it into action.
Acceptance or Action
This reminded me of the infamous “serenity prayer”, but SO much more helpful. I learned to decipher between the worries I CAN control and the worries that I CANT control and then the steps I should take to fix the worries I CAN control. It was a good reminder and helpful on days like today when my thoughts leave me feeling fatigued and uncomfortable after a long night of WORRYING!
Too much anxiety (right now)
I am way past worry with a lot of my problems, I am in the anxiety stage. So right now, this totally wouldn’t work for me – – I can’t think through them clearly. But thankfully, I will be starting CBT counseling soon so hopefully I will be able to get my thoughts under control soon! In the meantime I have favorited this coaching moment. Because I’m sure I will come back to it when I am ready.
Music too loud
Could not understand her over the music. This needs to be toned down.
This really help me, I feel a lot less stress and I know it will be hard to do what I need to but at least now I know how I can help myself. Even if it takes a lot of time I feel like I can fixe things ( sorry for my English)
This reminded me of what I learnt (and had forgot) from my CBT course several years ago and will definitely break tasks down and schedule tasks going forward.
Veldig bra
Jeg er veldig flink til å overanalysere og tenke katastrofe tanker, og det går så automatisk. Veldig enkle og fine tips man kan skrive ned og bli mer bevisst på.
Great Reminder
Breaking down the solution into smaller action steps makes the problem a lot easier to manage. Thanks for sharing this!😍
Wonderful 👍
Rather than worrying, problem solving is the way to go. I liked writing things down as I listened. Sometimes there isn't a solution, but looking at the particular worry in a fact based way really helps. Such as, is it out of my control? If so, I need to do something about my needless worrying! I learned a lot from this session. Thank you.
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