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Stop Craving for Sweet Foods

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Neha Prabhakar
Mindfulness Expert and Therapist
If you crave chocolates, donuts, ice-creams all the time and think eating sweets is a major obstacle in your weight loss journey, then listen to this audio three times a week until you can consciously stop to say No to all sugary foods.
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2 reflections
Sweets 😡
Sweets lead to anger and sadness for me. I’ve been working at clean, healthy eating and lost control a few days ago which led to me eating all the sugary kinds of food you mentioned. Oddly enough, today I awoke with a determination to go back to healthy food and thoroughly enjoyed fruits and veggies along with some clean protein. Then I found you! Perfect ending to a perfect day. 🙏🏼
I’m Grateful for this hypnosis
I’ve been sugar free now for four months, interrupted by one iced cupcake two months in, another one month later, then two more two weeks after that. As a consequence, my sugar cravings returned after those last two cupcakes. They’ve ramped up intensely these last two weeks! Now I’m inundated with thinking of sweets from the time I awake until I sleep. It’s exhausting. Creating my art eliminates the craving but it returns once I’m done. This hypnosis helped me visualize a more powerful way of countering my cravings. I believe it will be effective and will use it three times weekly as suggested. Thank you and namaste 🙏
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