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Stop Catastrophizing

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
Catastrophizing is an unhealthy thinking style. Engaging in this thinking style often causes you to jump to the worst-case scenario, even when you have very limited information to indicate that something bad is going to happen. This can contribute to anxiety and sadness. With practice, you can become aware of these thoughts and work to reframe your self-talk.
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24 reflections
Never realized…
First of all I never realized that this affliction of Catastrophizing is a word. I have been doing this my whole life. Happy to report that regardless of the word (I call it zero-60), thanks to Aura-my reaction to situations has significantly softened. I am able to take a step back and look at the whole situation and be mindful of what is really happening. Thank you for this piece. It meant everything to connect to something I have done forever and am working to lessen and eliminate.
Great word!! Eye opening. My sister called it borrowing trouble. Loved this
I do this all the time
In listening to this meditation, I learned that there’s an actual term for something I’ve done for much of my adult life. Very many times I’ll jump to the worst case scenario in my mind and then, I stop dealing with the situation at hand, I’ll be spun out with anxiety about the catastrophe I’ve built in my mind. I need to practice more awareness and focus on not reacting to my initial negative thoughts.
Stop catastrophizing
This is so me 🥺 I’ve been made aware of this concept before in a mindfulness course I did and was relieved to find there was even a label for this way of thinking! Even finding that out made me feel better and I was able to start to deal with it. Then I forgot again but you have reminded me! . I needed to be reminded at this time as I lots of stressful happenings now and I need to be aware!!! To stop 🛑 catastrophizing!! Thank you 🙏
I learned that instead of jumping to the worse try to refrain and think rational thoughts.
Knee jerk
I do this all the time. Someone’s bad mood is always the worse case not simply a bad mood. Will work on being aware.
Over catastrophiIng
I learned that I need to catch myself when these thoughts arise and refocus on task in front of me or more reasonable thinking.
I felt seen
I do this catastrophizing without even realizing and I feel I need to work on catching myself in these moments and reframing my thoughts. I’ve been this way since I was a little girl. This will be hard work!!
Do this all the time!!
I do this all the time often with a random thought that popped into my mind. I will try to look at these differently!
I felt that she was speaking to me specifically. Fearing the worst, fearing I will lose a friend or a job after a mistake are things I have done.
I learned that it is not just me. I have been feeling like there is something very wrong with me on some days. It is good to know I’m not the only one.
Catastrophic thought process
I haven’t noticed that I think this way, until recently, but I suspect that I’ve been doing it for a long time.
Bad terrible horrible calamity turmoil
Even writing these words feels heavy threatening and morbid. It squished out any mood of happiness light thinking. I will be grateful that I can use my words to breath life into things versus the above list . I like saying something to myself to catch the thinking and turn it around with a more pleasant thought what i could do and taking action.
Mt or Mole Hill
To reduce anxiety, notice first negative self talk and test it for truthfulness—is the size of the perceived problem real or is it exaggerated? You can retrain your brain. Self talk matters. It can make you sick or it can make you well.
Self compassion
The constant stream of negativity and self criticism running through my head is not normal. I can begin to be kinder to myself
I have been guilty of jumping to the worst possible outcome when something has happened, the body fills with dread and the heart starts racing, the mind spins and thoughts blur. Nothing good comes from these thoughts. Being able to recognise them and slow your brain down and changing these thought patterns, I’m still trying to master.
I often do this at work thinking a minor issue will cause a major problem, sometimes it is just best to take a deep breathe, literallt
I learned that it is best to step back, take a deep breathe and put the problem into context.
Stop catastrophyzing
When I'm facing a difficult situation, created by myself or not, if I want to healthily deal with it, I should focus only on what happen and not about what "could" happen
I’m finding these sessions very reassuring as feel less alone in these thoughts. The tips on managing them are very helpful
Panic attacks
I learned that I can reframe how I perceive a situation so that it is more realistic. I’m not sure yet how to stop the feelings running away from me though.
Melony Menard
Stop Catastrophizing
I didn't realize how seamlessly I have been catastrophizing in my daily life. When hearing the examples my stomach became unclenched. There is hope to make gentle changes over time to help my mind through this type of thinking
Stp catastrophizing
I learned that we should not see the biggist problem. We can see that everyone is doing mistake and we can change them.
Stop catastrophizing
I should confess that I do catastrophizing often. Sometimes even with a small mistake I start thinking about the worst scenarios. In my opinion mindfulness is a very good way to stop it.
Stop Catastrophizing
I definitely do this and am trying to reframe my thought process. As a firefighter paramedic of 15+ years, I see catastrophic things frequently so it makes sense that my mind always goes worst case scenario. What I need to realize though, is that not everything is a threat. Not everything is really dangerous. I can have a healthy understanding of safety but I don’t need to play out all of the problematic “what if” scenarios in my head. I think by understanding and reframing my thought process, I’ll allow my self to be happier and less anxious.
I need to stop thinking the worst case scenario of everything. Learning to change my thought pattern will take some time but willing to try