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Stone Soup

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a story a out confidence, spontaneity, a sense of humor, and a willingness to share your bounty with others.
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Stone Soup
This story had a different moral for me than the narrator. I learned that if you are willing to share what you have with others, no matter how small, others will share with you and the results will be better for everyone.
Day 3
I’ve heard this story before. But every time I hear it, it has it’s own spin on it. The story itself is beautiful. To me, the moral of the story is to honestly never give up. The woman could have made that her last meal, but she used her resources to create something more than soup, she created a meal.
I learnt that in order to achieve a great thing, we must start off small and keep adding things to make it even better
It was really good
An t made me think about what I could do better tomorrow and i Learned that a little bit can become something bigger and everyone can chip in
It was really good
An t made me think about what I could do better tomorrow and i Learned that a little bit can become something bigger and everyone can chip in
Stone Soup
I learned that the oldest of stories can still teach us new ways of understanding.
Stone Soup
A lot of the time things may seem insurmountable to start. The woman had to stifle her hunger and all she had was water. But she started none the less, without everything ready at that moment. Same goes for project and goals in life. You’re not going to have all the pieces of the puzzle when you start out, a lot of them will be collected on the way, and the way will even shape some of them for you that you didn’t know you needed. But the essential thing to do is start, because if you don’t, nothing will ever happen
Day 8
I think the moral of this story is to always make the most of whatever you have. You can start with anything and end up with something new every time. Just try. “It is better to try and fail, then fail to try.”
My brother made us stone soup
This story can have so many morals I am sure. Mine is a bit personal. My brother must have heard this story one day when he was in school. Because when I came home one day he had a pot of rocks from our backyard boiling in a pot on a stove. I asked him what he was making and he said “we are having Stone Soup for dinner.” I muttered and said we can’t eat rocks. Well, he had me searching in the refrigerator and cabinets for whatever I could find. I don’t remember much of what was in it but I remember the sweetness of the cooked apples making it edible! My mom couldn’t take care of us. But, against odds, we survived. This story reminds me, that I am a survivor. That, even in this difficult time that my husband and I are facing, we will survive.
Not exactly the story I’ve heard so many times
This is a classic tale, typically not about a traveler, but a gullible village who learned the value of helping each other...something they should have done in the first place out of their own abundance, but fun to hear them “tricked” into contributing to the pot anyway. When we come together, we’re stronger. Better. Locally, there is a Stone Soup festival, which I, at one time, typically created many signs, posters and banners for. It was a gathering of storytellers and musical acts. And, of course, featured plenty of good food and drink! One of the many things which used to feature in my life; sadly do so no longer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I do miss the work. The daily activity. The sense of helping and belonging. 😨😰😥
my take!
Take what you have and make the best of it! Also, working together makes for stronger results sometimes.
Never give up
It’s about perseverance. No Matterhorn gloomy the situation may seem, always, ALWAYS, push forward. Do not ever give up. When God sees you struggling, he will never leave you. Keep an open mind and you will receive.
Confidence is key
Confidence seems to get you quite far through the unknown. But it only gets you so far until you need help from others.
Although the lady didn’t know where her last meal was going to come from she was confident that it would come. Sometime I lack the patience and confidence to wait. The swag on this lady to advertise something that she didn’t even have yet is confidence on another level. I truly hope to be as confident and spontaneous as she was someday soon.
I enjoyed this story and the moral of it as well. I am struggling today and feeling very overwhelme
I learned that it is good to be open to possibilities that are difficult to imagine. Be open to those possibilities. Everything is going to be okay. Rest and feel a new sense of direction when you wake.
Stone soup
This made me fall asleep a lot and I felt better than I had a very long dream
I noticed that with quarantine, I have lost contact with my friends a lot and forgot what they do to me. I need to reach out more.
Stone Soup
I love this story an amazing amount. It was one of my childhood stories in a picture book where the only real difference was that it was a monk who made the stone soup and not an old woman. Hearing this beautiful and whimsical story in Cassandra’s soothing voice made my soul happy :).
When you think.....
When you think all is lost.... remember the familiar thoughts you have of the lost and propel yourself to create anew
Where are my tribe?
Spontaneousness can bring joy, yet joy from others can also make me feel overwhelming sadness too
You know the story by the second minute, and still feel compelled to hear it through ti the end.
Listening to 'Stone Soup' Story
I learned the importance of gratitude, kindness, sharing and team work. The story was inspiring with its wit, spontaneity and with the overall theme of holding on to hope with your ideas and letting them grow in enough space and so forth.
The stone soup
I learned that if you believe in yourself anything is possible! You try your best and others will follow your led. Everyone added something to the pot, making it a full soup. Made with love!
I noticed that she did not let her circumstance bring her down. She exercised hope and was open to whatever came by. I learned that there’s so much one can achieve if they share and make room for others along the way. A great sense of humor, optimism and openness to possibilities/experiences are essential for everyday living.
Happy for the old woman It made me cry when other people wanted to take her soup
People care and will contribute to help you if they are curious and caring.
I love this story!
I’m so glad I listened to the message here :) It’s very inspirational when facing creativity blocks or motivation struggles! ... I love this story.
Just the inspiration I needed today!
Just start and engage with those who come by to visit. Most likely those who visit will participate. If not, that’s okay. Just continue participating yourself.
A favorite from my childhood
This is a favorite Ukrainian story from my childhood, and I love hearing the qualities it embodies from an adult perspective. Plus it teaches what we can achieve when we all work together.