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'Stepping Back' From Unhelpful Thinking

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
This is a tool that's used to help people 'unhook', or 'step back' from unhelpful thinking. It happens to us all, every day. So use this if it resonates with you, and maybe even share this with others, to help them be part of the change that's going on in the world right now.
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I notice that…
there was a detachment to the thought once I recognized the thought even existed. It was like it was dormant until I acknowledged it. It loses its power that way. Pretty cool. 🌈
Drifting mind
My mind drifted, even during this short session. I cant seem to focus on anything for very long
Stepping Back
I learned that if an unhelpful thought appears, I can take away some of its power by acknowledging the thought using the sentence “I’m noticing the thought that…”. After acknowledging the thought in this way, I can then proceed in that situation as the thought loses its power and drifts away.