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Stay In The Now When You're Triggered

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Life Coaching
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Life Force Energy Coach
This session focuses on exactly HOW to stay in the moment when you're going through emotional difficulty. For example, the sudden end of a great work situation, divorce, or ending of a long-term relationship. This can pitch us into emotional turmoil for weeks and months. However, if we can learn to stay in the moment and not let the energy of our emotions affect our thought process then we can heal. In fact, we can heal across timelines when we learn to release the negativity in the NOW. Thank you for listening. Have a prosperous day. Renee
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Stay in the now when triggered…
This advice is so worth listening too and adopting. Love the calm feel good that come along with the knowledge. MUCH APPRECIATION!
Hyper focused
When feeling emotionally triggered, the key to staying in the present moment is becoming hyper focused on your surroundings, your breath, or a task that you are doing. Get so involved in what you are doing like you are a director of a slow moving motion picture. Being in the present moment is a multi layered process. This is another great tool to add to my toolbox for emotional resilience. Thank you! 🙏
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