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Starting Your Day

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
This is a simple mini practice to get grounded, centered, and then to gently reflect upon what your day could look like. Reuben guides you through some simple breath awareness to start with. This then gently moves into some intention setting. From there, you get to reflect upon what your morning and your afternoon could look like, what is likely to happen in your day that you can be grateful for, and a sentence completion exercise about who you can choose to be as you go about your day.
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Morning Ritual
The way in which we begin our morning is synonymous with how the rest of our day will be. If we wake up feeling rushed, the rest of our day will feel rushed. If we wake up feeling stressed, the rest of our day will be stressed. However, if we take just a few moments to check in with ourself and bring gratitude to what we already have, we are then in the right frame of mind to live this day with intention. Sitting upright, I put a half smile on my face and took in a few deep breaths into my belly. Feeling the shoulders relax with each our breath, I surrendered to the moment. Following the narrator’s guidance, I brought to mind three things that I am grateful for that I will most likely encounter today. After each, I asked myself, why is this important. Asking myself this question grew the gratitude vastly. Then I watched the mind screen behind my closed eyes and pictured my morning and afternoon. A spark of excitement rose in my heart. Inspired, I completed the sentence, today, I choose to be … . I choose to be an instrument of peace, love and light today. Every day we are given the beautiful gift of a new day. This day. How will you make it meaningful? What will you choose to be today? Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I feel in touch with today’s intentions
I learned that spending time choosing to be a certain way can set me on a course towards responding appropriately in stressful times. Today I choose to be gentle. Gentle to myself when I feel overwhelmed, gentle towards my children, when they feel overwhelmed, and gentle to others when moments require my patience. I guess that’s my word of the day. Gentle : )
I have been trying candle my 3 day free membership. I can not find out where that is. I took the app off my phone and the program won’t let me cancel this app and go away!!
I feel supported and strong
I learned that I can be grateful first thing in the morning to be open and ready. Starting with a meditation is a great way to start the day.
I feeL CaLm , I feeL ThankFuL, I feeL GratefuL, I feel Better, I feeL BLesseD……. 🙏🏼🥰✌🏼
I LearneD: I have the Power to allow myself to feeL that way. I Deserve it and it’s OK…….🥰
I FeeL CaLm, I FeeL ThankFuL, I FeeL GrateFuL, I FeeL Better, I FeeL BlesseD…….🙏🏼🥰✌🏻
I Learned that, I have the Power to allow myself to FeeL that way, I Deserve it & it’s OK…….🥰
😁 I'm ready!
I'm ready to start my day. That was truly a terrific meditation. I loved it. Thank you, Reuben.
Marques Pizarro
3 things I’m grateful for about today
1. My graduation 2. My work 3. My meetings where I can help others
I choose to feel today…
I learned that setting an intention for the day can be as simple as “choosing how you would like to feel”. Today, I choose to feel content :)
Starting my day
I loved how this practice can set the path for my day. Often without a path it just becomes a day off taking care of others "emergencies"
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