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Starting Your Day

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
This is a simple mini practice to get grounded, centered, and then gently reflect upon what your day could look like. Reuben guides you through some simple breath awareness to start with. This then gently moves into some intention setting. From there, you get to reflect upon what your morning and your afternoon could look like, what is likely to happen in your day that you can be grateful for, and a sentence completion exercise about who you can choose to be as you go about your day.
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Starting your day
I felt calm. I felt the power of mindfully thinking through the day to come and setting an intention for how i would feel/be today. I intend to be happy today.
Today is unlike any day I have encountered before. Therefore, I will treat it as such. As I sat contemplating this with a half smile on my face, I thought of three things that I was grateful for and then asked myself why each were important to me. Filled with gratitude, I imagined my morning and afternoon. Knowing what I have planned while also aware of life’s unexpected possibilities, I am filled with wonder. Today, I choose to be kind. Today, I choose to see the truth in each moment. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
A nice start to my day!
I was so calm and relaxed that I had to fight off falling asleep! I need some coffee! 😀
Getting over disappointment
I need to sit with my feelings of disappointment that I don't feel the warm gratitude that I sometimes feel, and that's OK, the fact I did it is enough. I am grateful in fact that I let myself be, that's it OK not to be "serene" every time I do it and that the solar plexus tightness is just my body trying to look after me and not something to buy into, or be led by ❤️
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