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Starting the Day with Gratitude and Appreciation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The practice of gratitude and appreciation for the good things in our lives can be a great way to boost mood and help us not get sucked into negative thinking. I love to practice with everyday things that I take for granted, and find the more I appreciate my life, the happier I am.
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take joy in simple things
I learned to take joy in the small and simple things in life, try and enjoy life and love it.
Starting day
Nice morning meditation. A simple but, powerful message. There can be joy in each and everyday. It does not need to be anything big. The importance is in seeing the joy and enjoying that moment fully, when it occurs. That pretty much sums up being mindful!
Everyday is a learning experience so take a moment to reflect on it.
Gratitude, Not Dread
Often, dread can wake us up in the morning rather than gratitude. However, we should be grateful each morning, even for the little things about our day. Are we going out with a friend, relative, or spouse later that day but still have the work day ahead of us? Rather than dreading having to get through the entire work day, we can express gratitude for what’s to come. Rather than dreading writing that essay that’s due, we can be thankful for the opportunity to learn about a new topic. It is important to be grateful for both the potential negative (yes, even the parts we’re dreading) and positive parts of our day because each and every second shapes us, and makes us be a more mindful and better person.
Joy is what you make of it
We are the masters of how we feel; how our day goes; and what we make of the opportunities and moments given to us. When we experience these moments, take the time to savor each second. Joy is ours for the taking; only if we let it be joyous.
Being grateful at the start of each day and being happy to have a fresh start. Always have something to look forward to that will give you the positivity to make the day better
Morning began at 3:33 PM
I learned that it is hard to focus on meditation w/ distractions in my mind and in my surroundings. My body was pretty restless, but it was nice to think of the things I look forward to in the day. Hopefully I can have that mindset in the future.
I have a stressful exam today but this was helpful in reminding me of the small things I have to look forward to such as this practice, my run, connecting with C, learning more about my career, sharing excitement over my research. I am grateful for all of these- especially this change I'm manifesting in my life.
Good Mornings
I need to focus on positive energy before I walk out the door for work. Focusing on things that bring me joy and keep me from feeling anxious and stressed
Thank you
Starting the day with gratitude is a joyful guided instructional that helped me see beauty forward of all else, thank you.
Day 1
It feels good to relax and steady your mind. It’s hard sometimes to concentrate on things but focusing your mind to simple things like the weather helps calm you and relive pressure you feel.
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