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Start Your Day With Love And Light

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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
After sleeping we wake up in a completely different body. Our energy restored & our bodies not flooded with the constant energy, thoughts, memories, worries & heavyweights of the mind (as the mind has been free to wander in the realm of dreams & symbols while our body gets its fill of rejuvenating life-force). So, when we wake up, it is the perfect time to choose the vibration i which we begin our day. Love and Light are source vibrations and sets us off on a high note. Give yourself some time to repeat the affirmations & set your intention for the day ahead in this vibration of love & light. Imagine every cell is being filled with it. At first, practices like this can feel like a conscious effort, trust it will work. Your nature is Love.
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No divine
I don't believe I was given this life because I'm strong enough for it, nor do I believe that facing challenges with love is a) different from what I do or b) helpful.
Beautiful way to start the day
I love the gentle reminder before I face the day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙏
Thank you for this meditation it help me reduced this pain and it kept me relaxed
You should be happy and be confident and don’t let that pain get to you
Love & Light
Nice suggestion to go forth in my day with love and light! Good morning!
Bring me quiet solace that I will open myself and guide myself with love & light❤️
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