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Standing Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Meditation in standing position. Gentle, soft, easy, meditative movements. Feel your body in movement and feel the relaxation come up.
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Meditation is not only sitting still.
Meditation can also be done with slowly movements. Then you can bring focus on your body movement. Makes the mind calm.
Different meditation.
This meditation you can do standing and in movement. Feel your body making soft moves. Relaxing standing feels nice with soft moves.
I could feel my feet firmly rooted and my body quite balanced as I slowly circled my arms, first backwards, then frontwards. I was completely focused on my “third” eye, which I think prevented me from concerns of losing my balance. Excellent meditation for feeling grounded and relaxed. I always feel as if Irene is right in the room with me. She is like a very comforting, compassionate friend. Thank you, Irene. 🙏❤️
Feeling restless?
The geel what slow movement does with you... a mindfulness moment
Moving standing meditation
Meditate in movement. Be aware of your movement. Mindfulness moment.
Feeling stiff?
Gentle mindfulness movement. Meditatation in movement. Very easy and affective.
Wake up?
Do some soft gentle moves.... And wKe up relaxed and start your day easy....
Get going 🚴‍♂️🌞
Starting the day with a standing meditation that included movement gets me motivated to get going! Gets the blood flowing, now l’ll try another meditation to get my mind in the mode for work. But first l’ll squeeze a bike in, I need some fresh air & sunshine 🌞 Thanks 🙏 Irene
Does your body feel stressed?
Then slow easy movements can help you.... just try and feel....
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