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Speaking Up

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
This session is about expanding awareness of energy. We open to the subtle aspects of breathing and we bring attention into the base of the spine and the throat. We listen to our inner space and feel the vibration of the vocal cords while breathing. We soften to relax any tightness that gets in the way of being in our flow and speaking up when we need to. More from your guide and friend, Lauren, at
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36 reflections
Speaking Up
I went into this meditation feeling a bit out of sorts, however by the end of it I felt balanced and re-centered. There is such a gentle power to be had while focusing on the base of your spine and throat. It's almost as though I was reclaiming my strength of spirit and my inner voice was being encouraged. I will be retiring to this again. Thank You!
Love this one
I was able to be totally in this meditation. It created such peace and calm. I did not want to open my eyes... ☺️
Totally in the moment
This was my best meditation yet! So soothing, so relaxing, I was totally in my zone! The sun shone through the window lighting up the room which made me smile though my eyes were closed. I stayed focussed. I ended the meditation and acknowledged the gift of the sunshine too. Perfect timing. Giving thanks for the sunshine and a beautifully relaxing meditation xx
I am able to block out distractions during my meditations! Improving relaxing my body and mind.
Released tension is liberating! I feel much better after meditation sessions!
Day four
Very distracted today. Going to try this again later.
I am still getting formal within my self and meditation. I am learning to become one with my body and blocking out all other sounds emotions and listening to only my body. Me within me.
I learned that paying attention to different areas of the body while deeply meditating helps relax me. Of course, it helps when I am feeling better physically (which I am today). It helps me enormously when I can get away with Glenn without the kids. They should've moved out long ago and are a HUGE stressor to me--especially our oldest child.
Clearing my throat
Released so much throughout my body. Shoulders, back, arms and fingers started to crack as if all that I was holding in my throat, all that was unsaid and felt so important to hold, was honored throughout my body as I released. I was being heard as I let it go.
This Journey
From this session, I've learned from past times where to be afraid of speaking in front of people, afraid to use your voice this gives you the strength and courage to relax yourself and body then speak freely.
Lovely Lori
Speaking up
Ironically, I had a hard time hearing this! ???? hmmm 🤔 But I did feel quite relaxed from my throat to the base of my spine while concentrating on both areas. Hoping I can use this to help me speak up more!
I learned that paying attention and focusing on body clears my mind and opens up the connection channel between me/ my consciousness and my body so I am one.
Throat to Base
I just allowed my attention to shift between my throat and the base of my spine, as suggested, focusing on my breathing all the while. I tried to stay fixed on that.
Area body breathing
I learned that Focusing On a specific area of my body as I breathe Can relieve tension and stress in that area
Elisabeth C
Very relaxing
I️ enjoy these meditations because they give my mind a break from the constant noise that comes from within. I️ am big on dwelling, and something happened yesterday that I’ve been dwelling on ever since. At the start of this meditation I️ was fully engaged with it. In the middle my mind went right back to dwelling on yesterday without me even realizing it. When I️ realized what I️ was doing, I️ was able to get right back to the meditation. The more I️ practice this skill, the more I️ can apply it to my every day life. My brain tends to wander no matter what I’m doing and it makes social connections especially hard. I️ find when I’m regularly meditating, I’m more socially attentive and my relationships flow more smoothly. I️ took about a 3 week “break” from meditating and can certainly see a difference now from where I️ was when I️ was still practicing. I️ am happy to jump back into this saddle.
Going and gone at the same place a time warp wrapped into my headache of forgiveness
Session 1
I learned breathing could be felt over the vocal cords without producing sound
Take time
Very busy day, and not in the meditation mindset. But even under the circumstances, important to take this time for myself, to clear my head.
Feeling even the subtlest vibrations in my body helped to ground me from my throat to the base of my spine. I️ needed that! What a perfect alignment!
Walter J
By focusing on slowly guiding (pushing @ first) my energy from my throat down each vertebrae to the base of my spine, I was rewarded with freeing thoughts that allowed me to release any tightness in my body! It felt like that little thrill you get after working a knot out of a rope ... but multiplied many times over for each vertebrae I traveled thru. As I worked the knot out between each one - It produced a calming effect in different parts of my body. I feel taller and more aligned for the Energy to flow thru me even easier now. Whew, that was a keeper meditation! I will want to use it again.
Speaking uo
I have never considered trying to relax my throat while I breathe. It was challenging for me and something I will keep working on.
My voice
I find it with my throat relaxed, aligned and centered from the base of the spine, honoring my Truth in this moment, with love and kindness for me, and everybody else.
Speaking Up
I never thought that I would both incorporate and rely on my Aura experience every morning , but without it I am incomplete. Thank you Aura and all of the wonderful teachers.
All I need to do is concentrate on breathing and my body, it takes me to a relaxing place.
Could use th A mantra
I’m having a really hard time with knowing how to say the right thing, and express how I feel without being emotional. Not saying that emotion is a bad thing, just that I would like to be able to express myself clearly. I appreciate how this meditation allowed for the throat chakra to be meditated on, and focused on, however I could really use a mantra to focus on for when I feel my emotion taking over
Walter J
This was great as a repeat practice! This time I felt energy pulsating from my throat to the base of my spine and back again. Kind of a buzzing vibration that opened all my muscles and relaxed me so I could enjoy just ‘being’ an instrument for the energy to flow thru. By allowing, I created a win-win situation that both relaxed and energized me! Very neat & effective
Im stressed
I had a hard time listening to what she was saying as well as doing the stuff, I feel the tiniest calmer cause the video stressed me out more since I was trying to hear..
Lori Ann
It’s not working so instead of helping me feel less anxious it added stress to my life
It’s not working so instead of helping me feel less anxious it added stress to my life
Meditation for speakers and singers
As a singing and voice teacher, I find this meditation to be really useful. Yes, we have to develop our visualization capacity here, and it’s fine. Also, I really like the teacher’s voice. I can feel the calmness and good intentions in her voice... Who is she? Because I’d like to subscribe to all her meditations. So thank you!🧘‍♀️😊
Midnight meditation
Meditation is truly the best way to calm your mind and body. Im feeling less anxious and more sleepy
Thundering Thursday 4-13-18
This meditation was true relaxation. I persons voice was delightful. Before she mention anything I started to get a tingling sensation down my head letting me know there was a release of tension. This went on thru-out the session. I feel more relaxed than I did going into this meditation. Thank you, Aura! Have a nice day Everyone!😀
Taking time to meditate
I didn’t feel like meditating this morning and this afternoon, I pretty much forced myself to take a step back and let myself have a few minutes of checking in and deepening my breath. The noise in my head was too loud to fully listen and enjoy this meditation, but I do feel a bit more grounded now.
Speaking up
Today we focused on breathing in, relaxing the throat. Breathing out, relaxing all the way down to the base of your spine. It was very calming.
I am still stressed I needed more help I have worked on myself and I need help
Built like a tank, barrel-chested, calves like canned hams, thick forearms, a vice grip handshake, raspy voice and an easy laugh. Falstaff on the job site. Santa Clause in workman’s boots and carpenter pants. He led us through the house, explaining truss construction, updraft rating, plumbing, electric, HVAC. The inspector had come just that morning. The house had passed the last milestone before drywall installation. The workmen outside were up on scaffolding, carefully nailing long horizontal strips of green vinyl on top of the white plastic moisture barrier. Afterward, as we sat in the car, he crossed in front of us, lighting a corn cob pipe which jutted straight out of his jaw. As he paused by the dumpster to shield his flame from the wind, I half-expected to see him pull a can of spinach from his back pocket. “I am what I am!” - P.T.S.M.
Speaking up
What a beautiful meditation. I was just thinking today that it is time to take my first Vipassana Retreat and then I sat down to meditate and you brought me a body scan meditation. Thank you.
Settling into an upright position, I performed a quick body scan from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. Becoming aware of my breath, I noticed places in my body that moved with each breath. Moving my attention to the starting point, the base of my spine, I visualized it pulsating with each in and out breath. Moving my awareness to my throat, specifically my vocal cords, on my next inhale, I began to soften the muscles. On my exhale, my awareness moved back to the base of my spine. After a few rounds of breathing in through my throat and breathing out through the base of my spine, I felt a wonderful flow begin to form. By doing this practice, I have softened the muscles surrounding my vocal cords. May I be able to speak up today if I need to. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️