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Spacious Mind

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness teacher
This meditation helps you find the space between the thoughts to free up the mind.
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5 reflections
Post work relaxation
There are pauses between each inhale and exhale of my breath
Lovely breathing practices
Making myself pause between each breath really did slow down my thoughts. During the day, today, I'm going to try to practice breathing more slowly. Hopefully this helps with my racing thoughts.
I know I must be alone in order to concentrate. The slightest thing gets me distracted.
I didn’t get anything from this meditation. That doesn’t mean it wastage good one, it’s my experience. Maybe it wasn’t what I needed in this moment.
Walter J
Blanking ...
Focusing on the pause between fully inhaled & fully exhaled causes me to have blank moments where my brain is calm & thus has no observable vibration For my mind to acknowledge. Note: your brain is an organ much like a receiving & sending station for various vibrations. Your mind is the activity of the brain. We can only focus on the highest vibration at any given time. Thus the importance of choosing wisely what we are thinking about as this is where our focus goes. And as the powerful saying states “where Focus goes, Energy flows” It is by accepting all thoughts as equal & observing them without judgement can we begin to calm our brains and create a calm mind. I call it blanking. Namaste ❤️😶🍀