Garden of Prosperity
I imagined my brain as a luscious, vibrant garden. The pathways between the curly brain matter was lined with white stone. Individual garden beds took shape as I walked through it, taking in the beautiful array of flowers and fruit. In the middle, surrounded by a pool full of koi fish, swimming around the lily pads, was a beautiful fountain, a large antiqued chalice, with which flowed clear running water and was over flowing with bountiful water plants, the sun glistened, and a butterfly floated to my finger. My garden has many pathways, levels, and stairways with hidden nooks and lazy spots to read and paint. A plethora of glazed pots housed beautiful flowering hibiscus trees, with their array of blue and green surfaces shiny and smiling, picture perfect. As I cared for and cleaned for my garden, grasping at an abandoned gum wrapper, the occasional dead leaf or dried bloom, I reflected on their representation in my Garden of Eden and life. They represented long forgotten regrets, mothers shame and guilt, bad men, bad memories, bad feelings. I cleaned and tore up at those dried old habits, making space for new thoughts to be planted in the still fertile soil. As I sowed new seeds of prosperity and happiness, I am acutely aware of the amazing and wonderful environment I am so grateful to wander, ponder, and grow new goals, plans, thoughts, and affirmations in this place of positive energy. I am genuinely focused and clear headed, pleasantly aware of the long process and hard work with an understanding of how much creative attention, trial and error, and personal forgiveness it has taken to make this beautiful garden healthy and prosperous. 12/8/21 JRC With Grace, I am divinely connected, I am divinely protected within myself, the universe, and within white light energy of my higher power, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen,