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Soulfood Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Feelings....sometimes we like to grab food, sweets drinks .. whatever to eat it all away. How to deal with this?
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Stop ! When you get emotioneel!
Don’t grab anymore for food and drinks or what ever to change your mood. Break the circle now!
Eating eating stop now
Learn to focus in a nother way. Try and think differently. You are the boss!
Eating all your feelings away
Then this is the mefitation to listen... Stop eating emotional!
Soulfood 👍
It’s late and I want to listen to this session again tomorrow when I can really benefit from it. I already focus on a healthy diet but I have my weaknesses, like sugar. And I brought home a valentine cookie from work tonight, it’s on my kitchen counter, I’m pleased to say it’s still there untouched. I will deal with my urges tomorrow, got to have a cookie now and then! I like the soulfood way of thinking though thanks Irene 🙏
Problems woth eating?
Feeling bad cought on a circle? Get ride of your eating habbits?
Eating eating ....
Eating your frustations away... Feeling bad afhter... living in a circle? Break out now!
Controle your habbits...
Why staying in a circle going on and on... break out of it..
highway rest stop
every pump had a line of cars waiting spring breakers families in sweatpants emerging from dusty mini-vans an affluent older couple in starched white cotton and designer jeans stood proudly by thier sleek, polished BMW Across the lot at the diesel pumps a white-bearded, barrel-chested man in overalls climbed down from the cab of his big red Peterbuilt. He shook hands with another trucker and let out a hearty, deep-throated laugh that echoed across the concrete like thunder. on the way into the restroom I walked by a group of teenagers, skinny arms covered in tattoos beneath dirty t-shirts. The girl was smoking a cigarette, nervously twirling her greasy hair. Her boyfriend had a wild, manic look in his dilated, bloodshot eyes. He was scratching his crotch, defying anyone to say something. I held the door open for a young mother holding a precious bundle on her shoulder. The baby was wide awake, taking in all the sights and sounds around him. He smiled right at me as they past, reaching out with his little, rubbery fingers. “And the kids down here look just like shadows, always quiet, holding hands...” - B.S.
how this changed me
I feel it- the change that this has brought into my life. It was the light I needed. It spoke of my biggest struggles and enlightened the path of happiness I knew was deep down. Thank you.
What an odd session
I eat MUCH healthier since my stroke. I don't feel like I need weight coaching in my Aura sessions. I USED to weigh over 500lbs. I've been at a steady 350lbs for several years now. Lost a lot of weight in the hospital! I am MUCH more interested in staying this new slimmer me than gaining back any of that lost weight! Is it weird that I was expecting Mardi Gras music and maybe a recipe for hush puppies or beans and rice During this?🤪