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Rest and Recharge your Positive Vibes

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Let go, rest and relax in a beautiful scene from nature…recharge and refresh your energy peacefully, filling yourself up with gentle positive vibes. Deeply restorative self-care meditation for boosting energy every day.
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Good to rest and recharge
Even though it’s morning, after being up a few hours I find a need a relax and recharge. Namaste
Soul sanctuary - rest and recharge
I learned that resting and recharging need to be done every morning. I now enjoy silence.
Soul Sanctuary
It is a beautiful Spring morning. I am walking along a dirt path along the river. I find a rock to sit on right next to the river. The warmth of the sun as well as the crisp air feels good on my skin. Listening to the sounds of the soothing river along with watching life unfold right in front of me, initiates a peaceful content feeling from within. I inhale this feeling deeply into my being. All is well and perfect in this moment. Anytime,I want to return to this peaceful content state of being all I have to do is remember to refocus my attention on my breath while visualizing my soul sanctuary.