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SOS Meditation For Anger Management

7 Min
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Hilary Lafone, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health Coach
This mindful exercise helps us regain composure during a situation where we find ourselves angry. Although anger is a healthy, normal emotion it can sometimes get in the way if it comes up during work, while we are driving, or interacting with loved ones. This quick meditation focuses on deep breathing and noticing the sensations in our bodies.
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2 reflections
Short but good
This was very good but I wish it could last a bit longer, as it is too short to reformulante clearly our anger. Thank you
I felt understood
My core beliefs were caused by how my parents treated me. I can change those core beliefs very slowly by speaking kindly to myself. I learned that it’s ok to be angry and I can manage it by removing myself from the situation and taking some time out and re-assuring myself that it’s ok
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