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Soothing Yoga For Tight Hips

9 Min
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Dakota Mays
Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Guide
This yoga sequence will help you relieve tension and stress from the hip region. Expect to experience "new space" in your hips after completing this session. As always, find variations to poses and movements that feel good to your body. Hope you enjoy yourself!
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2 reflections
Releasing tension in hips
This yoga session was simply amazing. I am one of those who carries tension and emotions in my sacral plexus. Every morning when I wake up, tension in my low back and hips, are the first things I feel. This 10 Minute hip opening yoga flow is definitely going to be added to my morning routine. My hips felt much more open and receptive following this session with Dakota. Thank you kindly for giving this attention to our hips πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
Noticed the tightness in my hips.
Adding this to my morning routine 😁😁. I felt I was being led in a safe manner and was able to complete the flow without needing a visual queue.