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Soothing The Nervous System

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Reuben Lowe
ACT Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach
This is a micro-practice to help soothe the nervous system. It also includes a practice of relaxation in the service of working with resistance and contraction. The aim is to ease the nervous system and leave you feeling more centered, grounded, calm, and expanded.
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3 reflections
I was having a panic attack and this really helped calm me down
Thank you
When you said that my breath is my gentle ally and companion who has always been with me, I felt emotional. I love thinking of it in this way. You personalized my breath as a friend that’s always with me help me feel safe. Thank you for this gift that will be with me every time I need my ally & companion.
When I listen to music that flows quietly in my car it is a zen moment. I appreciate the guided meditation and additional support
I like mood tracker as a visual measure for feeling better on the app so
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