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Soothe Chronic Pain

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
This meditation is especially for those experiencing depletion, illness, fatigue, chronic pain, or fibromyalgia. It guides you on a deep journey to find healing and relief. Don’t worry if you find yourself falling asleep at times – just gently return your attention to my voice once you notice it. Some healing is easier to receive at an unconscious level. Either way, rest assured that you are receiving exactly what you need. If you like this meditation, be sure to check out the (longer) bedtime version here on Aura, "Deep Rest & Healing."
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2 reflections
Qu’il faut que je prenne du temps pour relâcher les tensions. Cela apporte la guérison.
Helpful for menstrual pain !
In a lot of pain, and I did some yoga stretches along to the session and it helped me relax. I then did a second round right after where I laid flat and listened to the meditation. Overall very helpful, feeling better !
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