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Song of the Waterfall: ARM

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Enjoy an Attention Restoration Meditation at least every 90 minutes at work. Give your mind a self-compassion break so that you can resume work with renewed focus. Put aside the time needed to be full with this meditation and use earphones so that you can block out noise in your environment. After enjoying the meditation, give yourself a few moments to sit and simply “be.”
From the community
11 reflections
I am sorry; but, this meditation was a bit disappointing for me. I have spent intimate times with nature (to the extent that the only thing I heard were the birds, the sea and the beat of my heart...that's it and nothing else). Your "talking" was a terrible distraction...listen only to the chorus of nature's sounds and the symphony of life. In too many instances, "words" are a distraction. Sometimes appropriate, sometimes not. Peace. (P.S. please do not make the mistake of thinking this is criticism, it is not. Merely an observation of my experience of the "sounds of silence and nature.")
love the sound of waterfalls
I learned I love the sound of waterfalls. It is so tranquil and soothing. That is currently on my bucket list. To visit some of the world’s famous waterfalls. Now just to find a travel buddy to share this beauty.
Technical difficulty
After clicking on the go button, I heard almost a whole sentence of the introduction, then it stopped and I saw the "You did it again" message! Was using earbuds for the first time. Will try again some other time.
The waters that heal
The water is still The water rushes over me The water cleanses The water heals
As I was trying to relax, the female voice simply annoyed me. Paused and ended the session.
Calming and relaxing. I've always been attracted to water whether it be a lake or the ocean or even thinking about how I am mostly water. I found this meditation to be a very pleasant and wonderful experience. Many thanks for the peace it brought and will bring again.
Time Out
It's fairly rural where I stay, so I can enjoy a version of this by just sitting outside. Where I work, however, this will be a useful break- a few minutes to smooth my ruffled feathers.
Harley’s or Waterfalls
I learned, first of all, that I love Kristy Arbon. Secondly, I learned that the moments don’t stop and wait for you. They keep moving by, and I can focus on the sounds of the Harley motorcycles that disturb my meditation or the wonderful sounds of nature. It’s my decision how I focus each moment.
The sounds of rushing water and birdsong lulls me. Do you think it is something primordial that finds this so soothing? Sounds of people and traffic doesn’t seem soothing at all. It seems to be the naturalness of nature is what strikes a cord for me.
Dylaine Mae
Nature sounds
I really enjoyed this meditation mainly because of the atmospheric sound of a small waterfall. I love it when meditations have background noises as they help me drown out my thoughts and I can really begin to focus on relaxing. Towards the end I could really feel my body loosening and deflating a little bit of the stiffness from the day. Nice.
I can listen to waterfalls and it calms my whole body & it gets to the point where I get lost in it, and when I opened my eyes I missed that waterfall.
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