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Some Magic in the Hart

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
The hart is very powerfull. Sometimes we are not always aware of the power that words have on our hart. But when we know we can work with the mind and hart together.....and magic happens !
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Nadir A.
All chakras are connected to each other.
We might just not be able to see the symbiotic relationship between the higher and lower chakras. And sometimes they are independent and other times they are dependent on each other’s calibration.
Walter J
I could sense this bright light descending down & around me. I refocused on what Irene was saying and forgot about the light. It got brighter for a moment like to get my attention and as I tried to focused on it, it would subside. So after a couple rounds of this cat & mouse, I chose not to look at it directly, but could sense with my 3rd eye it stayed bright. So I focused on my heartspace growing and getting warmer until the Light merged into me & we became one big intense energy ball/cloud that then expanded out into the world in all directions as I refocused on my heartspace this time I felt myself floating above where my body had been pulsating & glowing. A very pleasant experience overall just not completely sure what it all means! ❤️🌝🍀
Is it unusual...
All the feelings Irene asked me to feel for someone I know, I felt for my mother who passed on 20 yrs ago. Is it unusual that there is no one in my life currently and hasn’t been for some time, that I can have these feelings for? I’m not a loner but it may seem so, not lonely at all, love and enjoy life and feel happy and content a good portion of the time. Still it would be nice if there were someone l could have in mind to have these feelings for. Namaste 🙏
Get deep in your hart...
There is a besutiful feeling inside... Just allow and feel let it happen
The power of the hart
Hear,feel and work on it. Connect and feel the changes inside...in Harmony
Heart Magic
Care, Gratitude and Compassion indeed Irene! The focus on counting while deeply breathing is something that helps me very much. I know when I’ve achieved the calm place I strive for because as I pause with lungs full to capacity before exhaling, my eyes and nose overflow, cleaning my senses and releasing all the negative energy...
Feelings of Love ❤️
Breathing deeply with one hand over my heart to the count of 5 into my heart’s center, I feel a growing feeling of love blossom. 🥰 Care, compassion, gratitude, and appreciation are the 4 words Irene asks for you to breathe deeply into your hearts chakra. As I was focusing on these words, I saw a circle of people in my life surround me including my Aura tribe. These people are the light in my life. I am surrounded by love with a strong feeling of gratitude for all of these people. 🥰❤️🙏
We get so busy doing and thinking that we often forget to feel. This may lead us to a productive life, but we will find that something is lacking. That something is the magic that blossoms in the heart. In this beautiful meditation, we take some time to energize our heart chakra by introducing four words. Getting comfortable, I settled my attention on the center of my chest. With my hands over the center of my chest, I began to breathe to a count of five on my inhale and exhale. Feeling the warmth of my hands on my chest gave me the soothing touch needed to open up my heart. With my heart open, all feelings were exposed. I began to let go, one by one, of all feelings that no longer served me and I felt my heart getting lighter. With my heart lighter, this space filled with green, my heart chakra, was exposed. I introduced the word care and an image of a warm embrace crossed my mind. Introducing the word appreciation and an image of my mom and my friends came into my mind. Next came one of my favorite words, gratitude. Images of the great and small abundances I currently have in my life entered my mind. Finally, the word compassion was introduced to my heart chakra and an image of my brother entered my mind. I was kinda surprised by this image, but when the words, ‘he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know’ came from my higher self, I understood. Introducing these four words energized my heart chakra and began to fill my entire body with an elegant green color. Blossoming with love, I will give attention, appreciation and acceptance to everyone. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt very warm and heart feted
A beautiful session and one I will do again! I felt very peaceful throughout and clear.
I can get antsy about my interactions with people in the past. Through this meditation I realized my anxiety about my relationships are actually my strengths
Spellings errors
Did they spell Heart like that (hart) for a reason? It was distracting to me and had me question authenticity of this person.