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Social Media Detox Sleep Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of tonight’s meditation is to help you detox from social media as you sleep. To help you dissolve all those layers of emotions, reactions and thoughts that have covered you as you’ve scrolled, liked and commented. So you can let it all go and be one with deep sleep tonight.
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Sleep detox
Breathe in sweet oxygen. Letting go before bed. This meditation ended in an awkward place. Goodnight.
Away from Social media
When I limit more time away from social media, I feel better about myself and feel relaxed before and after getting ready for bed and a good nights sleep. Social media has its pro’s and cons. So I figured the best way is to balance it out by reading only a few posts, liking and commenting and also avoiding any negative content and comments that seem very unprofessional and uninspiring.
Social Media Detox
Wow! I really need this meditation in my life! I spent close to 2 hours earlier this evening purging one of my FB accounts. I will be doing the same with my other account. However, what I really learned from the moment I saw the title of this meditation, was that all the posts I read become input into my brain and that results in sensory/emotional overload. It’s an addiction, really out of boredom or for something to just do in the moment, but something I need to work towards lessening my time with.
I feel more alert
I learned that this is an great app and I will be using it again
I learned
I could not sleep and so I played this meditation and it helped me to fall asleep.😎