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Social Anxiety

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Have you ever felt anxious or awkward in social settings? I explained to my client Kara that social anxiety is an experience that happens to us all. Join me in this episode as we discuss: When does social anxiety becomes a problem? The symptoms of social anxiety disorder; and the best treatment approaches. The difference between social anxiety and social anxiety disorder. Let me help. You've got this!! Take the test: Online self-assessment of social anxiety:
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Yup. The first thing I was diagnosed with as a teenager. And the crazy pills begin! Head Med Try-atholon! Does this race ever end? Try this, try that... the list goes on and on and on. Side effect city. This to combat that which causes another issue with another remedy but the landslide ripple effects start a chain reaction.
Social angxiety
I have know I have social angxiety for a while. This helped me to get a clearer picture on the symtoms and how to work with it. I have done 5 cbt treatments and none of them have worked. But I have learned I also have ptsd which triggers my angxiety so I am going threw EMDR terapi now to work on traumatising memories from my past. When I have finished that I will try cbt again and see if it can help me better.
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