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Smiling as You Breathe In

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
When we smile to ourselves, it can help to improve our mood - mind and body are so linked and influence each other in both directions. Give it a go - gently smiling to yourself as you meditate.
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Change of Perspective
Mindfulness often makes me realize the stress I have, but seldom do I remember the joy I experience through it.
“Breathe out a gentle smile” except there was nothing gentle about my smile. It was big and bright and full of teeth showing! All because I decided to be happy. And it’s the best decision I ever made! #OmShanti #Light #Love
Breathe and smile
Using both the breathe and a smile seems to be the best way to brighten my day!
Blue sky thinking ☀️
I was happily reminded that even the slightest smile lifts up one’s eyes to notice innumerable gifts all around us - a gloriously sunny day and birdsong being among these today. Thank you 🙂🙏
Smiling to Yourself
In this meditation, Jiva has us smile to ourselves as we breathe in. Smiling to myself with each breath, I could feel my heart space becoming full of warmth and love. By the end of this meditation, I noticed that I was smiling from ear to ear beaming with positive energy. Truly, smiling to ourselves while meditating can greatly enhance our mood! Try it and find out! Have a beautiful day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Walter J
“Breathing in I smile to myself” ... It is such a simple phrase, but it will make you smile. I was smiling from the 1st In-breath. It was interesting that I noticed about halfway thru I was throat-humming on the out-breath without even trying. This creates a vibration in your chest and body. I will do this on purpose from time to time usually when I am very happy,but this time my body was doing it on its own. I guess that supports her phrase “your mood will follow your face.” Powerful thought!! ❤️😀🍀
I was surprised to realize that I could connect my breath, my heart and my smile.🙂💕 Thank you for your gentle guidance 🙏
Smile - Just What the Doctor Ordered
A smile is universal. We all know it. I awoke still stressed and sad about my roommate. I offered to keep him off the streets, but he has been in a victim state of spirit and can’t see past it for the last 2 years he has been at my house. He is really screwing with the household vibe. Consequences, I didn’t think before I invited him. He is turning into a psychic vampire, but would lose it if I said that to him So this was just the perfect to start the day to leave bad neighborhood that can be my mind and inner monologue.
Smiling as You Breathe In
Thank you for allowing me to begin my day with a smile on my face and in my heart. With a gentle reminder to smile gently as I breathe in, my entire mood was lifted.
Just smile
I learned that practicing smiling, even without any reason, makes me feel good about myself. It made me feel lighter and somewhat peaceful too. But, of course, it’s better if we have many reasons to smile about! It’s a good way to start a day. Thanks for this practice. Namaste 🙏
Intentionally Smile
When our body doesn’t feel very well, our mood can be negatively affected. But, if we can improve our mood, we can improve how our body feels. In this beautiful meditation, Jiva has us intentionally smile to ourselves as we breath in. When I woke up in the middle of the night, this meditation came to my mind for some reason. As I was going through meditations to listen to this morning, this one appeared and I am so thankful it did! When I woke up this morning, I felt sensations of aches and pains in my body. Settling in my chair and repeating Jiva’s words, I began to say, Breathing in, I smile to myself. As I began to smile to myself with each new inhale, the aches and pains seemed to subside a little, my body seemed to become a little lighter and even my mood was improving. By the end of this meditation, my heart center was filled with warmth and I noticed that I was grinning from ear to ear. I know that I will make it a great day despite feeling aches and pains in my body! As we go about our day, remember to periodically intentionally smile to ourself. Doing so will not only relieve some tension in our body, but also will greatly improve our mood and thus, our overall well-being. Namaste 😃🙏🏻❤️☮️
Broken smile
I noticed that it was very hard for me to relax enough to smile. I kept trying but it felt like I was just grimacing in pain. I feel like my smile is broken right now. But I love being encouraged to try, and will try to come back to this during my day, allow myself to gently smile at myself.
Intentionally Smile
The simple act of smiling can change your mood into a more positive state. In this short effective meditation, Jiva has you repeat the words silently to yourself “I smile for myself” on each inhale along with putting a smile on your face. With each inhale, I could feel the smile on my face continuing to grow. Great meditation to begin my day with. I will have to remember this exercise the next time I need to turn my frown upside down.
Smile even at adversity
Life can be tough on all of us from time to time, that's for sure... & we may forget simple acts like kindness, compassion, or even to give a smile at others. All of this things are necessary, because, like us, there's a fight -a struggle- that others are going through that we dont know about. In this meditation, we are extended the opportunity to demonstrate kindness, compassion & even to give a smile to ourselves, because we deserve it. We have been fighting -struggling for so long that we need to be kinder to our own self. It can be difficult to smile at adversity, but practice compassion. Life will get easier.
Before starting this meditation, I felt calm and balanced. I experienced little change from this meditation — I did not feel calmer, nor did I feel more joyful.
I haven’t been able to smile for decades. It is even difficult for me to do a fake smile. I am learning to now and have reasons to now. I enjoyed this meditation, learning to smile during meditation 😊the brain takes in a smile as happiness, even a fake one...
Smile to yourself
I learned that smiling to yourself can make yourself happier :)
Smile More
You can’t rely on others to make you happy sometimes you need to learn to make yourself happy cause others can’t always be there to do that
i learnt that i am capable of liking myself and being kind to myself. just a small smile to myself is nice. i learnt that although it is okay to be in a rut it is my responsibility to get myself out of that rut. i am okay, i am worthy enough to give myself love. i can care for myself and breathe. life is like waves. life isn’t scary. it’s okay that i have bpd, i am slowly getting better at dealing with it and that’s what truly counts. being caring towards myself is just as important as being caring towards others. you are doing others a kind act by caring for your self. you have no need to run away from yourself. i am at peace with who i am and i just need to internalise that. being at peace with myself doesn’t mean i will act horribly. it means that i will be able to take care of myself so that i can take of others. not everyone is going to understand what it’s like to have bpd. not even bpd suffers themselves. only you can deal with and understand that part of yourself. and once you do that you can help others to do the same
Just smile!
I learned that whenever I smile my mood will follow. And I am still smiling 😀
A smile to myself
Smile on my mind brings a smile to my heart wings a smile to my lips. What a wonderful way to start the day!
Quite pleasant
It was actually quite pleasant to start my morning with a smile 😌
Oh I loved this so much! I noticed my smiles getting bigger and bigger. I still have a smile on my face
Great meditation! I'm still smiling! Thank you so much for relaxing me right now.
Smiling, as you brief in:
This was a great practice. After a few breaths, as I Smiled during inhalation, I even began to laugh. This was a good preparation for lent. Jesus said: “when you fast, smile, comb your hair, wash your face, do not look sad.”
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