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Slowing Down The Speed Of Thoughts

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Arielle Hecht
Healing & Spiritual Connection Teacher
A unique meditation experience to relax your mind and find deep stillness and peace.
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2 reflections
Marques Pizarro
Soul Consciousness
I learned that by listening to my thoughts, being aware of my inner-dialogue can slow down my speedy mind. I learned that when the mind is thinking thoughts too fast it becomes agitated. In our busy daily lives this is frequent. I’m happy to start my day with this meditation. To slow my thoughts. To be my true self.
I’m not my thoughts my soul is source
This is the most emotion and thought regulating practice I have ever done I for the first time have connected myself with source, feeling part of source, feeling whole, feeling part of the universe. I was able to disconnect with my thoughts, my body and my behaviors and experience freedom, experience myself as pure peace, light, love, wholeness, and free. I realized that my mind does not have to control my thoughts, emotions and behavior, instead I can connect with my soul, slow my thoughts and have my soul- who is connected with source- give my mind the thoughts I want to have which support life, love, peace and my innate goodness. My soul can send positive thoughts to my mind, in stillness and I can then behave and feel in a way much more aligned with my values, which are from source. This meditation was extremely healing. I could see my body at all stages of my life and no longer identify with it as being “me,” and my life events as being the most significant thing, but instead my body is my vessel in this life, my experiences and behaviors are just that, theydon’t define my soul. I am infinite and pure. I am light, love, peace and whole. This is a radical shift for me! Thank you so much!