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Sleeping in Peace, Safety & Love

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Arielle Hecht
Spiritual Connection Teacher
This meditation is to bring you into a place of deep peace and help you sleep while feeling deeply surrounded by love, safety, and peace. Use this meditation to get restful sleep with spiritual renewal when you wake up.
From the community
4 reflections
Too slow
I found the extended gaps so off putting. I couldn’t relax because I was waiting for her to speak
Personal Spiritual Experience
This is so peaceful - the pauses allowing for personal feelings and revelations to surface. Matches my spirituality so exactly that I feel myself held in my Lord’s embrace.
Juan Carlos Fortes
Not helpful
I was always waiting to hear her voice again, as i was falling sleep suddenly her voice came out and got me sometimes scared because i was almost sleep.
Not helpful
The pauses were to long. I just did not enjoy this session. Could not fall asleep, still have not slept and it’s 3 am 😞