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Sleeping At Last

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Lauren Ziegler
Mindful Moments
Because of the systematic process for deep relaxation, it's an excellent tool to prepare for sleep. Use this to fall into deep sleep and enjoy!
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Walter J
Whew... a VERY true title!!! I remember Lauren Giving precise instructions about getting very comfortable so you would not have to move and ...😴💤💤 I was out like a light! I am having a heck of a time trying to get/keep my eyes open now!! I do have to admit it was after 3 a.m. when I finally went to bed (I knew it was going to be a short night - it is still my busy season at work) but I actually feel well rested because of her sleep spell she cast on me! (& I mean that in a nice way) I will attempt to listen to this again sometime & try to stay awake to see what she actually says ... but I can tell you this... it was effective!! And again I feel great for only getting like 3 hours of sleep! Just do Not operate any kind of machinery while listening to this😉. Highly recommendable to anyone with any trouble falling asleep (not that I typically do) or if you need to get some fast sleep (🖐🏼guilty). She will help you out, so you can get some ... Deep Sleep! 💚😴🍀
At the beginning of this meditation, Lauren asks you to get comfortable so that you won’t have to move later. She sure is right! As I listened, I focused on my breathing. With each inhalation, I was rejuvenated and with every out breath, becoming more calm. I almost was fast asleep, but the music at the end of the meditation alerted me. Now, I am relaxed more than ever. I feel as though I am melting into my bed with my body full of sensations ready to receive some deep sleep! 😴
Walter J
I actually made it all the way thru... by just drifting along on her words. Very relaxed & comfortable, mesmerizing & soothing... drifting in and out of consciousness, just barely aware and not able to really think or focus on a thought. Now it is time to sleep ❤️😴🍀