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Sleep Deep Tonight (YOUTH & ADULT)

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Have trouble falling asleep? This track will help. AND on top of this track, write down all your unspoken thoughts or leftover to-do's in a journal before laying down (to help clear your mind), drink some water, forward fold for two minutes so your head rests between your legs and ensure that you've exercised enough today. All those things help you sleep... AND this meditation track will help too.
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6 reflections
I feel stressed and anxious about work and Covid. I’m getting more and more out of shape and more tired during the day, but sleeping less. I am making a promise to do better.
Racing thoughts....
Be present. Let go of what I can’t control and focus on what I can... my choices, emotions, and reactions. Let go of the past and don’t live in the future. Life is happening now- LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Stress and concern with money, uncertainty of my employment, COVID, election, racism, and my kiddos.
Walter J
I did stretch out really well before lying down, even gave myself a back rub to loosen up after helping a friend move all day Friday and cutting wood all day Saturday. So I put this on and was enjoying it and... it must have worked really well because I just woke up and it is Sunday morning and my background waves are still crashing on the beach & I feel very well rested!! And my back feels fine. I do not remember tossing or turning so I am giving this session a double thumbs up!! 👍🏼🍀👍🏼
I can’t sleep the night before doctor appointments. I’m anxious and nervous about what outcomes lie ahead.
I am focused on this word the last couple of days and what it means to me in all aspects. Lord please relieve me of the thoughts of forcing it and just let it flow.
Bradley T Morris 💯
By far the best I’ve experienced on Aura until now. Liked the rhythm and flow, progression towards sleep and calming sounds to finish. I actually fell asleep and kept sleeping until removed the headphones, then back to sleep. Thank you 🙏
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