I am Awsome
I Am beautiful I am caring I am kind I am dedicated I am enough I am emotion I am Feeling I am full I am exited for the next chapter in my life’s path wherever it may meander n lead me to happiness and fulfilment . I am full of care n love - for others and ( myself when not suppressed ! By the Negativity of others in my present unfulfilling Life . I am Grateful - Gratitude surrounds me in Abundance , filled with love . I am Hopeful - for My Future Life Within My Eternal Everlasting Life and Free Spirit . I am Irisistatable - Sharing my Natural abundance and qualities , of Care, and kindness. I am Joyful I am Kind I am loving I am ME I am Nidra - Yoga I am Open I am pretty ( perfect within myself , ) If is there is such a thing as perfection !) I am Quite I am Resilient I am self - just Me I am True to myself n others I am United within I am virtuous I am willing I am wonderful I am -X I am You I am ZEN