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Sleep Deep........

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Looking for dreamland? Here you are ...step into dreamland enter your dreamworld. Feel calm and dreamy and just flow away.... Everything is possible ....with  peace, love and harmony
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8 reflections
Universal love -Namaste
This really guided me to tingle - this woman’s voice is medicine from the root of purity! I feel it! Thank you for healing! After this my stomach is warm! 🦅 Powerful Namaste right here 🙌
2 stars :(
I didn’t like her voice. It wasn’t relaxing. A good sleep meditation is one that puts you to sleep just by the voice of the person. This one did not do that. I was wide awake the whole time. Not satisfied:(
Wish she had more longer meditations.
I relax and sleep so deeply with her meditations. I do love her voice.
Want a long session!
Thank you for that calming voice. I am undergoing a lot of stress and this helps me.
This was the fastest 3 minutes of my life; I really resonated with her voice, it reminded me of a combination between my dad and grandma, two people I love very much. I completely zoned out and felt bliss.
Just breathe
Breath is such an essential factor to inner peace; this reminded me of that.
I felt a little bit of a release of stress. I am learning to let it all go slowly and live my life.
I learned that sometimes it is okay to not be okay. I have been having a very hard time finding myself and loving me lately. I am almost there, each day I am closer. I just feel like i’ve lost sight of who I am and i’m not sure how to explain the feeling, sometimes I am so proud of myself and feel so great while other times I doubt myself and I doubt those who love me. I want to be me and I want to live my life happily without the constant drama and nagging of other people, this is a reflection of me because once I learn how incredible I really am and I believe it, then no one and nothing can tell me otherwise or bring me down anymore.
Not for me ...
The voice is very abrupt & gruff. I need a more relaxed & flowing voice to relax to