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Sleep Becomes Me: Meditation for Sleep

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"Here in the comfort of rest, my body eases into deep sleep." Join me in this practice to manifest sleep; to witness how the body comes to peaceful rest as you release thoughts; as you let go of expectation, and as you bring into your presence the allowing of each part of your body to relax.
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4 reflections
Why always the long pauses?
I dislike it because the speaker keeps pausing quite long between sentences and frightens me back awake when she begins to speak again. I don‘t like pauses when trying to fall asleep.
Wow! Perfectly timed
Ending the day s very important. Something I have recently learned. Thank you for the assist with this.
Night 1 after Chemo treatment
II went to bed at Midnight and turned on the meditation. It was to play 45 min. I feel asleep before it finished. I don’t usually sleep well after chemo. I fell asleep fairly quickly which I normally do, and I sleep soundly till 6:10 am. I know I dreamed, but I can’t remember the dreams. I felt ready to start the day. Got out of bed at 6:30.
So peaceful
I learned that with the great direction I was able to relax and drift off
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