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Sleep And Build Confidence & Inner Power

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Mark Bowden
Clinical Hypnotherapist
This sleep hypnosis session has been designed to help you drift off into a blissful night's sleep and at the same time to build your confidence and inner power.
From the community
3 reflections
Wise words while sleeping
I learned a lot about myself and at the same time I was guided into sleep.
Inspirational and healing
I learned I can let go of the self limiting beliefs that block me from being truly authentic, grateful and joyous.
Just wow!
I’m unsure whether it has been a build up for me over the last few days but I leaned into this meditation and was able to release and let go. I did not fall asleep immediately. Where once before behind my eyelids were green and black speckles as I concentrated on the words, they gradually disappeared and I saw space. Slowly the white light came to my vision before I distracted myself! It was amazing!
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