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Sky & the Weather

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Its so easy to get caught up in our thoughts and feelings. This meditation invites the listener to observe thoughts and feelings as weather and access an innate sense of the sky - vast open spaciousness - that is unaffected by the weather below.
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11 reflections
Sky of Thoughts 💭 🌌 ☁️
Visualise your thoughts as clouds drifting by. They are moving through and can be observed, and they will pass.
Seeing through my thoughts
i learnt to look through my thoughts and see the infinite consciousness behind it... thoughts vanish in perspective to the infinite
thoughts ✨
I tend to stress myself out w all my thoughts that run through my brain. I almost never allow myself to be calm and have a clear mind because I’m always thinking of something i need to do or something that is stressing me out at the moment. I need to allow my thoughts to not stress me or distract me, rather motivate me. I need to start writing them down or telling someone so they do not build up until i cannot think or focus.
My thoughts
I sometimes get anxiety and stress myself out with my thoughts, but this analogy helps calm me down.
I’mma Boss
I was feeling timid at my new job with a lot of negative thoughts. But last week I decided to change my attitude. I am being much more positive about things and taking control of what I am good at such as managing project tasks and communication.
the crazy stuff
there is no crazy stuff. just the difference in the people saying the "stuff"
Today was a great day, i had a talk with a psychology student for his exam and it was great, plus this session just end my day in the best way
I stopped observing thoughts as they passed by when invited to notice the space between the clouds and soon all I noticed was a hint of clouds and an awareness of a vast space, an unknown space, around me, and a refreshing state of inner peace.
Let mind clutter drift away 💨
Seeing my thoughts as clouds, looking up at them as each one entered my mind made it easy to let them go. I started thinking about the shape of the clouds and visualizing them differently depending on neg/positive. When I was asked to focus on the space between the clouds, they started to become wispy feathery clouds and drifted away, taking my thoughts with them. Combining natural breathing and visualization made this meditation very relaxing and calming. It’s nice to learn new techniques to relax and let go of thoughts that clutter the mind. Thanks 🙏
Shateca McGee
Sky and Weather
I learned more about noticing what is around me and to be watchful of how I feel about things. To just breathe and go through life but notice what & how I feel.
The space between
This meditation helped show me that it is not always just your thoughts but that the space between thoughts can be just as important.
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