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Sky Clouds Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Are we aware of the little things that can change are feelings... when we remember them and bring them daily into our lives. Bring some peace daily in your live...How mindful are we?
From the community
25 reflections
I really enjoyed listening to this guided meditation focusing on the sky. I could see myself lying in the grass looking up at big fluffy white clouds. This is relaxing to me.
What relaxes you?
Me the sky and clouds! Love it watching up and just staring at the sky.
Walter J
This meditation made me want to make the world smile! When I see clouds from now on (day or night) I will relax & smile thanks to Irene. Hopefully someone will see me smile and they will want to smile and it will become contagious and before long the whole world is smiling !! 🙂😀😁
Sky cloud meditation
Great meditation to do outside. I find watching the clouds to be quite therapeutic and relaxing. It truly is like a meditation!
How I feel after my session
I need to just let go and breathe and everything will be okay... just think
Sky clouds
It has been 30 days since we have had a clear, smokeless sky. We are still under an air-quality alert even though the fire has died down now and is less dangerous. We have to stay inside because the smoke irritates our lungs and aggravates our allergies and at night we can’t see the stars. But I can close my eyes and visualize the sky and remember previous skies that I have enjoyed and experienced.
This meditation reminded me of the day I spent with my daughter yesterday at the amusement park. The sky was crystal clear - so blue. It was such a beautiful day and such a wonderful memory going on rides with her. It’s rainy today.
Relax your mind
Easy simple meditations to relax your mind! Lite your head.....
It was as though my body was so tense and then at ease after listening
The sky
We are SO tiny compared to everything around us. The issue we have right now, is one single moment of our whole lives. It’ll fade. The bad feeling that never leaves that moments side will too. For me especially, it’s hard to notice the sky, but whenever I look up at it, whenever I notice how big and lovely our world is, I feel better. I recommend trying this meditation outside on a towel looking up at the clouds.
Sky Clouds
I liked putting little smile on my face! It helped relax me! Today, after so much rain, the evening sky was a deep yellow with dark fluffy clouds! It was so beautiful!
Easier to fall asleep better and wake up fresher
I found that the meditation also helps me focus better on my studies and work and feel positive.
good mediation, bad audio
I liked the meditation but the audio quality was pretty bad. sounded like it was recorded on a video call from 7 years ago. otherwise great mediation to focus on what's happening around you.
I often look at the sky and get drawn into the clouds, what shape they are, how they move, what they represent. And this meditation showed me the appreciation I have for them.
Uggghhhhhh so distracting
I cannot understand a word they are saying and it takes me right out of it.
The idea is good but the recording is poor quality and hard to understand
Good meditation idea though doesn’t do anything for me
Her meditations never help me relax, if anything they annoy me
I don’t get it
I said put my feelings as “Couldn’t sleep” and now this lady is telling me to look at the clouds. She was also kinda hard to understand at times. Not the best one I’ve heard so far.
Irene said...
“...and when you sit down to watch TV, remember, ‘Irene said go outside and look at the sky. And smile.’” 😊 I don’t smile enough. Thanks for the reminder, and making me smile this morning!
Thoughts and Emotions
Again, Irene, I must thank you. This is a wonderfully thought out teaching. Many things stood out to me, smiling, the sky relaxing the mind, etc. However, the most important lesson to me is that thoughts create emotions. This is so true. I am most appreciative of what you have taught here and although I have always been aware that thoughts create feelings and emotions, I intend to revisit this aspect, as emotions can slow down the healing process. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
I liked this one
The way she pauses between phrases and sentences is really helpful because it gives you a moment to reflect. You feel very tranquil and at peace.
This one was okay…
It was very relaxing once I understood what the lady was saying.
Shot Irene
I liked this one, keep up the good work. This one was extremely relaxing and makes me feel ready for bed. Thanks.
Calm and Happy
We all want to be happy. In this meditation, we find two ways that will immediately increase our level of calm and happiness, looking to the sky and putting a smile on our face. Hearing the pleasant flute in the background, I immediately felt calm. Following Irene’s guidance, I felt my lips and surrounding skin form a smile. I immediately felt lighter. Then I visualized looking at the sky in my mind’s eye. I was immediately taken back to my morning walk, looking to the east and seeing orange, yellow and red hues in the clouds before the sun came up over the horizon. Off to the west, the moon shined. It was a truly magnificent sight to see! Smiling while visualizing the sky, I am calm and happy! Our thoughts create our feelings and emotions. That means that we have control over how we want to feel! We can create calmness in our body and mind just by taking a few moments to look at the sky! We can create our own happiness just by putting a smile on our face! Try it and find out! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Relaxing 😌
Laying outside in my backyard on my yoga mat, I look up at the sky. I feel a cool breeze against my skin. I see big white poofy clouds slowly floating by in the sky. Following Irene’s guidance, I smile while focusing on my breath just watching the clouds float by. Immediately, I feel a sense of calm and contentment wash over me.All is perfect in this moment of just being. Thank you Cherish for your beautiful reflection which lead me to this session. It was just what I needed today.