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Sitting with Your Emotions

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Emotions are neither good nor bad. They are simply emotions. However, when we neglect what we're feeling under the surface, our emotions can become toxic in our bodies and mind. This short meditation will give you an opportunity to cleanse your mind and emotions so that you can move through your day with more peace and clarity. Your welcome!
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11 reflections
I know I'm basically being a jerk here, but in the description for this session, the wrong form is used...”your” needs to be the contraction: you’re #sorry #grammarnazi I'm really enjoying these new sessions in this new channel! Thank you for adding them to Aura!
It is fine
I’m accepting that my mind is very aware of my emotions and It will come and go that’s nothing good or bad It’s very much my life
My favorite channel
This is hands down the best channel!! The meditations are accompanied by great background sounds that help me relax and distract myself from my mind. Amazing
Cyndee 🌊
Cleansed 🦋
I feel so mellow right now. I have that lazy day kind of feeling and I’ve decided to go with it. This meditation was so peaceful and tranquil, perfect for the way I feel right now. It was nice to acknowledge the way I feel and let anyone wanted feelings passed through me. Kind of makes me feel cleansed and now once I am ready to get going I will have a clearer mind. Namaste
Just what I needed.
I’ve been building up a lot of emotions today because of those around me. I felt myself slowly losing my patience even with my beautiful daughter who hadn’t done a thing to me, so started feeling mom guilt. I knew it was time to stop and take a moment and this is just what I needed. I feel far more relaxed and at ease. Very soothing.
Quieting 🤫
This meditation was peaceful and peace-filled. Sitting with your emotions is very calming and quieting and as a result - energizing. Thanks to Vanessa A, Vanessa 🌟 and Cyndee for your recommendations of this meditation.🙏🌟😘
This was an excellent meditation for me today. With so many emotions over my daughter’s surgery, it was helpful as they all made themselves known to me. The tears flowed freely. Tears of release, tears of gratitude, tears of worry, tears of joy. They all came forward to be acknowledged. I will listen to this again, I am certain.
The cycle of pain and emotions continues to offer the opportunity to me for meditation. Round and round I go🙏
I should do this meditation when stressed
I found it interesting but my mood is positive so I do not really appreciate the message. it was good though.
Emotions are like tides of the oceans...they come and go. This is a beautiful meditation in which Bradley invites us to ‘just be’ with whatever emotion(s) we may be feeling and breath into them with kindness until they pass through us. Today marks a month since my Kayleigh unexpectedly passed on to Rainbow Bridge. Grief is hard. At first, you are completely devastated and your days are filled with darkness. Then, after a time, you begin to see light begin to brighten your day and your heart becomes lighter. Then, out of nowhere, something triggers you and you are brought right back to how you felt in the beginning. Truly, grief puts you on one heck of a roller coaster ride! I laid down and began being with these array of emotions I was currently experiencing. Because my heart felt heavy, I placed my hand over my heart and began breathing deeply into it with kindness. As I laid listening to Bradley’s words and began to feel these emotions pass through me, tears began to fall down my cheeks and waves of sensations flowed through my body. Thank you, Bradley for cleansing my body of these emotions! Indeed, my heart feels a little lighter now and a sense of peace has washed over my body. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I cant believe how just holding the front and back of my head eases the majority of my headache.
I have to remember an emotion I feel kow wont always be there
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