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Sitting with Anger

15 Min
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Kara Barnhart
Gentle Embodiment Advocate
Anger can only alchemize when we first let it be here. In this meditation, we will pause to investigate the emotion, what lies beneath, and the wisdom it holds when given space to be felt and explored.
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2 reflections
Frustration mixed with anger
It was a challenge to listen today. I actually got angrier but realized by the middle that I have a plan-I just have to be patient. I saw that I was more frustrated and hurt by feeling misunderstood and my expectations not being met. It had been going so well and it looked like I was back at square one but I also realized that it can be fixed. Just not quick enough for my taste. Communication was put off for days on their end and I was having to sit with it. Sometimes life will happen in ways unexpected. Good clear communication and patience (deep breaths!) will help alleviate the stress/tension. I’m learning that just sitting with a feeling/emotion and being gentle with myself is a Practice in itself. I definitely am calmer even though the situation has not been resolved yet. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! ✨🙏🏼💚✨
It was powerful session/message and one of tremendous reality feedback
I learned that “pausing” and noticing “what one’s heart is lacking” is crucial and what is buried beneath the anger or masked by the anger is what I must focus on. My particular anger or irritability is something that I need to reflect back on and look at a current or past situation and ask myself, “was or is this worth getting angry over?” I also need to ask “what purpose did this feeling of anger serve?” Thank you for this powerful message and self realization and reflection. ~Namaste
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