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Simply Relax

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This simple relaxation meditation will help to relax your body, quiet your mind, and bring you gentle peace from stressful moments.
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3 reflections
This practice has allowed me to relax myEntire body. I am hopeful this deeper laxation will make it easier to sleep tonight.
Problem with this meditation
Supposed to be 7 minutes long but only plays for 1 minute - problem? Seems to just end suddenly.
I meditate because I feel like I’m having a hard time getting to sleep
I meditate because I feel having a hard time getting to sleep and I like to read books one book was about peace sleep ease there’s nothing to attend to no tasks I have learned that when I meditate all is calm and quiet and peaceful and I have noticed that when I meditate the color blue and the color indigo is helping me relax as well I feel peaceful and relaxed and I feel less tired and relaxed and I feel rested and that is my way of saying I love the meditations