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'Simply Be'

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Discover how to effortlessly return to the 'now', to simply be - using your breath as your focus - and as a way of returning to the present moment. Simple - and very effective. Use this meditation often as a helpful way of releasing unwanted thoughts and to 'be' present-mindful-attentive. namaste! xo Dorothy
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11 reflections
Simply Be
It is a relief to simply be and focus on my breath. I felt my entire body relax with each breath. In our busy lives it is challenging to remember to take time and simply be. 🙏🏻
Being, simply being human and allowing my only focus to be about my natural way of breathing has brought me out of anxiety
Simply be
Keeping all your focus on your breath was very challenging tonight. For some reason, in the midst I remembered parts of my dream last night and got distracted and off course. I did recognize this and bring myself back to the breath though, so that was a triumph.
Good air
Good sir, sweet air, fresh air- I breathe, the past, the present and the future. The air that nourishes my body makes me a time traveller ... it has been there and back and far ahead in the future. I am breathing in my ancestors and share with my descendants. The air I breath makes us one - gives us a connection that sometimes seems so distant yet with every heart beat, inhalation and exhalation we are so close. We all share the breathe I am here in the present but connected to the past and the future - we are truely one.
Simply be
You will escape your mind if you are able to be present in this moment 🙏
Being present is a relief
I’m reminded to use my breath as a focal point; using the exhalation to rid unwanted feelings, sensations and thoughts. To remain in the now is important to a sense of wellbeing. 🙏
Simply be
Is going to be one of the mantras i use going forward. 🙏🏻❤️
Letting go
This is an excellent meditation exercise. I realize it’s hard for me coping with my grief and pain. Really learning to be in the present helps but it’s something I have to be continuously mindful of and practice.
Present moment
Being in the present does actually help in coping with all emotions.
Simply ‘Be’
This was an especially helpful message because our family has suffered the loss of a very special matriarch and to simply be in the moment helps to pass over the emotions anxiety and pressures that come with a death in the family.Focusing on the now and simply being helps to calm nerves and bring you to a place where you can deal with everything that is going on thank you for this meditation.
simply be
i really liked feeling in the present moment, i was just so relaxed. i wasn’t worried:)
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