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Simplified Inner Child Work

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Belinda Washington
Cl. Hyp., Life Coach, Voice Talent
What is my inner child, and what does it mean to work on that part of me? Let's briefly break that down and create a simplified way of getting started.
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Inner child
I'm glad I saw this today. I have some work to do with my inner child. I liked this.
Inner outer child
I confuse the term inner child without really exploring the concept beyond that it just makes sense especially standing in adulthood and being a grandparent pediatrician and working with people 50 years younger than myself who sometimes expressed their inner child with heavy drinking or maybe they’re just expressing heavy drinking forgetting inner child Thrill seeking fun seeking perhaps Has more to do with risk-taking in adolescence in late adolescence
Inner switch insight
I love the idea that my inner child can sometimes take care of me!