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Sick of Playing It Small?

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Where in your life are you playing small? How many times have you had a big idea or a great opportunity, and before you know it, fear pops up. Learn how to move beyond this fear and doubt.
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Not Avoiding
I learned that in order to reach your goals you need to be your own hero, you need to ask yourself what would your hero do right now? The answer simple, you can be your own hero and to do what’s right.
Can i
This meditation made me think , will I really be able to do it ?
My mentor
If I am to turn out as my mentor I’m truely a bad ass. Capable of anything
“Grow into your own hero”
I am going to start asking “What would someone I admire do here?” I have been paying more attention to how I behave and what I am sharing of myself. Mostly because I am noticing a lot of out of character behaviors coming up lately. Things I do not want to continue. I am happy to see them, so I can grow and see who I really want to be.
Time to switch
I learned that I need to switch my hero. It’s always been my mom. When this mini meditation asked “what would your hero do in this situation?” I instantly a bag of chips.
Day 6
This is something that I really could learn from and need to work on. There are so many times where I do this to myself and make excuses for it. I think asking the question of what would your idol do is a great start.
Good times
When you are doubting yourself just ask what your hero would do right here right now! I also learned that our idols that we have are only a unknown potencial of ourselves! And also our idols are just people so what they can do , we can also do.
My own hero
I can be my own hero. The things I admire in others are qualities I want to find and cultivate in myself. I must channel it and keep going, even when it’s hard.
Stronger than before
I have always thought that my observation of others good qualities has been some form of jealousy but now I realized how to use that as a guidance for self improvement.
The Big Hero
I felt these words were on point for reasons of looking to what would your hero be doing and reacting right now with my event or trial rather. Well my hero that shows the most courage and hope, whom is my dad, would be giving it to God and talking to our Daddy above and leaning on him getting ahead of it! So I guess it’s 1,2,3 go time!
Emmy jane
Are you doubting life decisions?
Think about whether or not your hero would do it. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Take the chance❤️
Your hero
Think about what they would do. Just go for it. Whatever you want. You should do it.
Day 3
I learned to take what you want and that if you have the chance to do something, do it.
⬇️Food for thought⬇️
Please put care into the words you choose. We often mislead ourselves and others by not expressing the deep intent! Whenever I hear anyone say not to CARE what anyone else thinks, I feel disheartened. We should always care about the minds and consciousness of those around us. We only shouldn’t worry about other’s judgements. It’s misleading telling people not to care, we do better when we take care with all things. This can create awareness. ♥️
I noticed
I learned that I need to quit being so weird talking to chicks and just go for it and be myself
Don’t regret it, Alexandra
I try my best to think of myself at a very old age. In those last years of mine, I want to be able to spend those moments enjoying the fact that I have succeeded and how I got there. I think one of my worst fears, as to many others, is staying in my comfort zone and only doing what everyone else does or even giving up because life is too hard. I don’t need to get personal of what I’ve already done or talk about my struggles because who cares, but I hope you can read this long message and not regret where you stand in the future. Or maybe this is just a coaching message for myself....
Grow to be your own hero!
I learned that anytime I’m faced with a fear or challenge I can think what would my hero do and keep doing this until I become my own hero! rawr
Imposter syndrome
I ran across this shortly after a job interview. The interview felt like it went really well, but I immediately began to doubt myself and my abilities. How quickly imposter syndrome creeps in. I needed this today.
Move Forward
I’ve had so many instances of playing it small. Many moments where fear takes over and pushes me back into a comfort zone. It’s time to practice moving forward. Pushing through fear and doubt to get to the other side. You’ll never know if you don’t try and you’ll never gain anything if you don’t take on a battle wound or two. Move forward and keep pushing no matter how small you feel.
I deserve more
This is one of my favorites tracks. It helps me with my fear of failure and my need of acceptance.
Self reflection
I’ve noticed that i have never given myself enough credit. Everything that happens is always might fault even if I wasn’t even there when it happened. If my friend tells me they had a rough childhood I blame myself and beat myself up because in my mind I should have protected them even though i didn’t know them at the time. I always feel that i should be better than I am when really, I’m already doing all I can. I should really be more proud of who i am.
Do it
I learned that sometimes it okay to just do the things YOU want. Not what everyone else wants, but also don’t rush yourself in the process
I’ve procrastinated with my personal projects for too long
Ever since I was 13, I’ve always thought of making myself stick out uniquely by doing these talented and extraordinary hobbies that nobody my age or in my school has ever done. Sure I could play the violin and learn by ear, but what about making beautifully detailed dolls from scratch or writing amazing stories or poetry? Well . . . I started setting up and planning different projects for those things. I started with writing a sequel to a movie I loved bc the direct-to-video sequel that was made 16 years later was horrible and unrelated to the original at all. As I continued writing it and posting chapters online, I got a mix of love (mostly love) and some hate. Even though I look forward to finishing, I haven’t been able to find the time to do so bc a lot has happened, mostly my parents are tugging at me with household watch and etc. I’ve also been meaning to write a novel series since January 2nd, 2008; This was back when I was 11. In September 2015, I started working on ball-jointed dolls but haven’t been able to make a single amazing one. I’m in the process of making a doll height chart and a new blueprint for one doll I’m working on. I could continue, but I’m going to end this entry here.
Self Reflection
It’s good to just do you and keep that negativity out the door, and let the possibility come through.
I noticed that this did not help. It just made me feel worse, like the person was reminding me I made a really big mistake.
Be your own Hero
I need to be who I want to be not who I need to be for everyone else.
This session I was reminded that envy is an emotion that is great for illuminating your potential self and showing you who you want to become.
Be your own hero, don’t limit yourself, life is not about just getting by but actually living! Believe in yourself because that belief will get you through anything.
This made me realize all the things I hold back on. There is someone I’ve wanted to ask out for a while but I kept ignoring but this made me realize that I shouldn’t keep pushing away. I’ve been pushing away my work, but I know I shouldn’t. This really open up my mind and is my first favorite.
Self doubt
I felt sometimes I self doubt myself in my job and relationship in my job I know I can do this but in my head it gets frustrating and confusing at times I’m like I can’t do it, but in times I know I can . In my relationship I be thinking he’s not doing anything like cheating on me other times in my head saying yes he is with someone else but I know he’s not he knows that I don’t play like that.
hopeful beginnings
although it was only a few minutes it was very nice to focus on myself for that brief time... I think this needs to become a habit!!!
Nadir A.
Opportunity is nothing with out the small move in the right direction for great results
Wow....... I’m working inward with my higher self crystal heart diamond and crown chakra. Telekinesis is fun. But haven’t harvest it yet.
Just do it!
I’m stepping out of my comfort zone...signing up to run a marathon next year! We were created to be great. I’ve been hiding my greatness in all things for far too long because I’ve been scared of not being enough. I’m more than enough. Playing it small ends here. Stepping into my 41st year full of confidence, in control of my emotions and being my authentic self. I love me some me! If you don’t like it, so what!
Tired of having to play it small
I AM stuck in my life. I no longer have the means to do the things I wish to do, and every path I try to head down seems to be another dead end! After our local community college screwed me up trying to enroll for their summer session, I found that the state government agency which had set me on the path of enrolling and attending college in order to earn their aid reneged on their promise of aid anyhow! So I spoke with an online only university today at length regarding a program through them which interested me...only to find out that my cost would be something like $47,000.00!!! I'm in no position to take on that level of debt JUST to, MAYBE get a new computer from the department of rehabilitation! Seriously people! I haven't worked in the three years since my stroke! I haven't even gotten any unemployment benefits! WHY IN THE HELL CAN’T I HAVE ANY DAMNED HELP HERE?!?
I learned that what would my own hero do and I would be proud to be my own hero
in times if your unsure even of yourself, sit down and reflect, ang ask what would your hero do if placed in the same situation
I noticed that...
My gut has been right most of the time! Go first with the gut, then if it doesn’t pan out, no worries, no wondering “if or when”. Try the gut again, maybe it would have new intel for me!
Sick of playing it small
What you admire in people is a reflection of that unseen potential in your self
I got bullied because my friends say that im not cool and that using this app makes me a loser
Sick of playing it small?
I noticed that I am very hesitant in my life and need to grasp opportunities when they arise. I also need to stop having self-doubt and worrying what people think.
Sick of playing it small
I noticed that I let a lot of people take advantage of the kindness I show them. I would brush it off like it’s not a big deal but then fall into a depression, not sure why I was depressed. I realized it all goes back to the way I let other people treat our relationship. I’m going to surround myself with people who bring me up rather than play with my feelings.
Living alone
This is my 1st time living by myself. I get my energy by being around others. So far I have filled my time my reading, baking and exercising. While it has kept me occupied. I still crave the company of others.
Sick of Playing It Small
I’ve learned that admiring something in someone else is an unseen potential in ourself, and drawing on your hero’s strengths can help become your strengths.
Thank You 🙏
This life coaching session was just what I needed to hear today. I am grateful that just what we need appears just when we need it. 🙏♥️🌷
This is a wonderful and brief lesson which shows in many ways how we can get out of the rut we are in, move forward, and gain momentum for growth and progress. I’m certain everyone has at least one hero they look up to or person they admire. Emulating their good qualities can help push us forward into growth. This is a great session. Very worthwhile.
Moving Forward
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We allow self doubt to control what we do or more times, what we do not do. In this life coaching session, you are asked to think of someone that you look up to. Think of the qualities they have that you most admire. Let that sink in for a moment. There is no reason that you cannot adopt those qualities for yourself. If you put self doubt aside and have the courage to take that first step forward, you will begin to grow into someone that you admire! I would like to thank Debb and Kathy for leading me to this wonderful and inspiring life coaching session. It has opened my eyes to begin adopting the qualities of the person I most admire in my life and move forward!
I can live like those I admire, with self love, action and attention.
I give up when it’s hard. I take one big step and return to a less important iron in my fire.... usually one that doesn’t need to be there!
This struck a nerve or rather unlocked some emotions. My hero is no more, the sadness is the regret I have in not having tapped into his knowledge sooner...
I feel like people don’t me or misunderstand me.
They don’t see the real me. I don’t know how to solve that.
I learned that...
To move forward is to face the challenges with courage and trust in God and take that chance.
Walter J
Whenever we encounter fear for doing something or at least getting started, there is a simple way to get us to overcome it and take action. Look for a person whom we admire and ask yourself what did they do or what would they do in this situation? Then take that action or at least take the first step in that direction. A little step can get us moving in the right direction. A 2nd step is then easier and by the .3rd step we have started to build momentum. Then the Law of Momentum takes over... “A Body in Motion tends to stay in Motion...” and it becomes much easier to keep moving. A very useful tool for those of us who can tend to procrastinate in certain situations like doing something we have never done before, or have not done for a long time. As the timeless quote of Confucius goes...” The longest journey begins with a single step.” What do you need to start doing? How can we make a difference? Where am I playing it small? ❤️☮️💚
Sick of playing it small?
This life coaching session resonated strongly with me. I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while now. I haven’t been able to find the strength or motivation to do some things that I know I need to do. I’ve been avoiding things even though those things bother me and I want to change them. This session helped open my eyes to a fresh perspective. I also like that the qualities which I admire in others can show me that the potential for those beautiful qualities is already in me. Thank you.
i feel lonely
j’ai appris que la vie est tres dure et il faut pas prendre les choses au sérieux sinon tu vas pas supporter et tu dois prendre soin de toi meme et ne penses a personne
I felt like it’s someone out there that feels me
I’m experiencing this at this very moment at my job for about two years now. My project manger is just the worst his very unfair when it comes to basic human rights and needs. We can barely take off personal leave and sick leave. It’s stressful I’ve been here two years no vacation. The cash me out two weeks vacation on my check that I get every two weeks. I felt it should have went on another check. Taxes raped my check so unfair. I want out but I don’t have any thing to fall back on. With prayer and manifesting I’ll find a job in no time
Sick of playing it small
I learned that I am my biggest obstacle. I choose to live my life to my fullest potential.
I feel so stuck right now. I'm still young so I can't make my own decision about the bigger things but even the smaller things might help me.
I’m unsure that this process will give me the results I’m looking for. Nonetheless, I feel stuck and a roadblock to my own happiness. I would like to get out of my own way and learn how to create happiness for myself without relying on gratification given by others.
Playing it small
Feels safe but leads to regrets. Being bold doesn’t mean being dumb, it means study, learn, be sure and when you are sure go and go with intention.
I have always settled
I have always settled for the next bestbthing. Even at the risk of losing myself.. I have never thouggt of myself as worthy.. I stand today to say NO MORE IM WORTHY AND DESERVING OF HAPPINESS
Reflecting on the one person that I admire
It was really good for me to reflect on the one friend that I really really admire in the context. It made me smile. Her positive energy! She definitely does not play small!
Tro på seg selv
Viktig å ha selvtillit og tro på seg selv. Man bør forvente like mye bra for seg selv som man gjør for andre.
Procrastinate or draw on someone else’s courage
You can think of your hero or heroine’s behavior when you procrastinate.
jess 🧡
we are all guilty of having our own emotions of fear, stress and anxiety getting in the way of our goals, aspirations and dreams. however, we need to put that fear aside. we need to do what we know is best for us, and take that leap of faith. we only have one life on this planet, so let’s make it count :)
Calming words, voice, music
Calming words, voice, music. I needed to recenter myself after a 14 hour workday.
Relaxed after a physically demanding day.
Took the time to think of a free spirited friend that travelled the world.