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Sick of Playing It Small?

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Where in your life are you playing small? How many times have you had a big idea or a great opportunity, and before you know it, fear pops up. Learn how to move beyond this fear and doubt.
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11 reflections
Not Avoiding
I learned that in order to reach your goals you need to be your own hero, you need to ask yourself what would your hero do right now? The answer simple, you can be your own hero and to do what’s right.
Can i
This meditation made me think , will I really be able to do it ?
My mentor
If I am to turn out as my mentor I’m truely a bad ass. Capable of anything
“Grow into your own hero”
I am going to start asking “What would someone I admire do here?” I have been paying more attention to how I behave and what I am sharing of myself. Mostly because I am noticing a lot of out of character behaviors coming up lately. Things I do not want to continue. I am happy to see them, so I can grow and see who I really want to be.
Time to switch
I learned that I need to switch my hero. It’s always been my mom. When this mini meditation asked “what would your hero do in this situation?” I instantly a bag of chips.
Day 6
This is something that I really could learn from and need to work on. There are so many times where I do this to myself and make excuses for it. I think asking the question of what would your idol do is a great start.
Good times
When you are doubting yourself just ask what your hero would do right here right now! I also learned that our idols that we have are only a unknown potencial of ourselves! And also our idols are just people so what they can do , we can also do.
My own hero
I can be my own hero. The things I admire in others are qualities I want to find and cultivate in myself. I must channel it and keep going, even when it’s hard.
Stronger than before
I have always thought that my observation of others good qualities has been some form of jealousy but now I realized how to use that as a guidance for self improvement.
The Big Hero
I felt these words were on point for reasons of looking to what would your hero be doing and reacting right now with my event or trial rather. Well my hero that shows the most courage and hope, whom is my dad, would be giving it to God and talking to our Daddy above and leaning on him getting ahead of it! So I guess it’s 1,2,3 go time!
Emmy jane
Are you doubting life decisions?
Think about whether or not your hero would do it. Don’t worry about what’s going to happen. Take the chance❤️
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