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Good Morning Affirmations

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Start your day off with more energy, and more intention. Use these short affirmations to help you greet the day and set the tone for the day ahead.
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I feel great!
I just attended a live session and am relaxed, but I can’t wait to use this morning affirmations upon awakening tomorrow morning. It will help me to continue the peace and calm I feel right now, knowing everything is just as it should be.
Gift of Life
Everyday that we wake up is a gift. It is an opportunity to appreciate all the little things throughout the day that make our day special. It is a new day filled with possibilities. I choose to embrace the gift of this new day feeling grateful to be alive.To be open to all the possibilities that come my way. To show kindness and compassion towards myself as well as all others that cross my path today. If any difficulties come my way, I will use the tools I have learned to respond rather than react. Today, will be a great day. And so it is.
New day, clean slate
I accept the opportunity and will acknowledge the specialness of this day ahead. Namaste
Moving into today
I am ready for the opportunities that will present to and through me today.
Today is a new day
Today I have the opportunity to start differently and approach any opportunity with gratitude and positivity
Day One
I woke up late, it’s 9:37 and Charlie & I are both still in bed. I learned that it’s okay though. I believe I will be better off for the day as a whole if I take the time to practice mindfulness and start my day in the best mind frame I can.
Starting the day on the right foot
I learned that all too often I take the little things for granted, and that everything depends on my attitude to it.
I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and grateful for all the little things that make up the day.
My Own Spring Equinox Celebration
It’s okay to move at my own pace, it’s okay if current me changes her mind when past me made plans. I gently lean into the ebb and flow. I tap into my inner knowing, I listen to the stirrings rather than the fears.