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Short Loving Kindness Meditation

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
We could all use a little peace and kindness in our lives. Use this short practice to help connect with a sense of loving-kindness and direct it towards yourself and others.
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2 reflections
Loving Kindness
I connected right away with this beautiful, loving meditation. I could see and feel the warm, golden glow in my heart space. I visualized walking through a beautiful garden filled with flowers, and the sunshine warming my skin. My golden light filled with love spread throughout me. I hugged myself and it felt so wonderful! My light began to radiate out, as I pictured my son and repeated beautiful affirmations. I was overwhelmed with my feelings and love for him. I then saw the world, and pictured my arms lengthening to wrap around it; my joy and love spreading to every living being. I hope others will feel the self-love I feel. I love myself. 💗💗💗
I found this meditation hard
Extending my love and kindness to all beings was so big, and felt almost futile. How can my puny light reach so much suffering?
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